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Vanessa Marin

Vanessa Marin 100 Pound Club
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My Testimonial
People say they've had the weight of the world on they're shoulders and honestly I have. When you're 18 years old and 284 pounds, that's like having the weight of two worlds. I grew up thin, but after my parents divorce, all the food in the world couldn't fill the void I felt Inside. And believe me I tried. In one summer I gained over 60 pounds. Have you ever felt like you walked into a room that suddenly got quiet like everyone was talking about you? Well that's what it felt like having the whole school look at me. It was like I was guilty of committing a crime. And I felt like I did. Looking into the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back was like being robbed of the life I was supposed to be living. Every time I stepped onto the scale, crossing my fingers hoping it would go down, but all I saw was the arrow going up and up. I beat myself up daily and condemned myself, how could I let myself get like this? Worst of all, a short while later, my closest and most supportive uncle died after using a bad diet pill. Giving up was my only option. Until fate would have it that I'd meet one of the most important person in my life randomly in line at the cafeteria. Hollywood can't script something better than an overweight frustrated girl finding her solution to health in line of the cafeteria!

I love Yorhealth because they've made losing weight simple! I once heard that the word diet's first three letters is DIE. That's what I felt like when I tried starving myself, exercising hours on end and still not getting the results I wanted. But taking yor health products was a dream. I'd wake up, excited to drink my Shake and what makes it even better was I could look forward to eating lunch! Most diet programs I've tried put you on an extremely strict diet, but with yor health I didn't feel guilty when I cheated. I've seen people carry around a little scale with them to calculate how many calories they're consuming, but with yor Shake, that wasn't necessary cuz not only is is nutritious and delicious, but low in calorie. Combining the complete burn into my regimen was scary at first, especially considering what happened to my uncle. But after taking the complete burn, I've never felt any side effects other than my sides disappearing! What use to be an uphill battle, is now a walk in the park. I hated exercising. Walking around felt like carry an extra person on my back, let alone attempting to run a couple miles. I hated even walking into the gym and looking at everyone else who just seem like they knew what they're doing. I had no clue what to do in the gym even though people thought it was my second home. Like most people I would go, and come back a year later cuz I was sore and tired. That's no longer the case today. With the products by my side, specially YOR Repair, each and every week I am able to push my body to new heights and new weights I've never thought possible. I honestly can't imagine going a day without these products.

YorHealth is not just for people who want to lose weight, but for anyone looking to make a change in their life for the better. Participating in the 2012 Best Body Challenge has impacted me by really changing me from the inside out. All the money in the world cannot buy the big smile I have when I look in the mirror now! Some people hum as thy walk, I sing "I'm sexy and I know it!" the best body challenge is not about the prizes one can win, it's about that person looking in the mirror having no hope, feeling like the world is ending. I want that person to know that through all those darks clouds, the sun is coming. It is an understatement to say I owe yor health and my sponsor Mr. Nguyen my health and life. That's why I entered the best body contest, honestly with much reluctance, but my mentor Mr. Vo reminded me that it took someone like Mr. Nguyen to change m life and if I can do that for one more person, I'd feel accomplished. Thank you YOR HEAL
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