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Dana Harper

Dana Harper 100 Pound Club
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My Testimonial
I have been over weight all my life. Even as a small child I was overweight. I was always the largest in my family. My mom had to make my clothes because they did not make clothes for children in my size back then. I did not even own a pair of jeans until I was in high school. I always hated school parties especially Valentine’s Day as all the valentines I would get had elephants and hippos on them. Never the cute ones, always the ones that mocked my being overweight. I tried several diets throughout my life and had very little success. While in high school I would even pop Dexedrine pills hoping to curb my appetite and lose weight. But the only results I got were feeling “high” or “spaced out”. I tried Weight Watchers and this diet did work for a short while, but I hit a Plato and could not lose more than 30 pounds.

Much to my surprise, I did meet someone after high school that actually liked my larger size and he convinced me that I was lovable as I was. I didn’t love myself, but he loved me enough for both of us. We married and I continued to try different diets to lose weight. I truly desired to lose weight and this was always my focus.

I tried several fad diets like the grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet, I tried Herbal Life, and after my first child came along I even tried a special liquid diet sponsored by our local medical center called Optifast. This was strictly monitored by my physician; however; with this diet I still did not lose anything but money. Of course, as soon as I stopped any of these diets, all the weight I had managed to lose would always return and bring more pounds with it.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in late 1998 and since I was still young enough to want children, I was put on insulin. Six months later I was pregnant with my last child. After he was born I was even heavier as the baby weight would not leave. The only way I was finally able to lose weight a few years later was to stop taking my insulin. I lost 40 pounds and actually lost a size, but I started having other issues due to the diabetes and had to go back on the insulin. My physician started me on an insulin pump and all the weight I had lost came back in 1 month. I wanted to stop taking my medicine again, but I knew that was like putting a gun to my head and was truly not an option. No matter what I did, following the diabetic diet, eating in moderation, nothing helped me to lose weight.

In 2009 I was in a car accident and was wheelchair bound for 4 months. Not being able to get up and move I gained more weight and I reached 312 pounds. I finally decided that I could not continue this way and checked into having the lap band surgery to lose weight. All of my doctors were on board and signed anything that I needed to help me qualify for the surgery. I followed all the steps my insurance company insisted I compete. It would take up to a year to qualify. In 2010 - 3 months before I would be able to schedule my surgery - I lost my job. Two weeks later the insurance company changed their requirements and the newly added steps would add another year to my wait to have this surgery. I was done. I no longer could afford my insurance and had to let it go; which meant I could no longer afford my medication. I could not find a job and I envisioned myself disabled and in a wheel hair from the diabetes within 10 years and maybe even dead. I looked at my youngest son and saw him growing up without me. I was preparing myself to die because I believed my final chance to lose weight, change my diabetes, and reach my lifelong dream of being smaller had slipped through my fingers.

Then a good friend of mine, Stanley Chu, called me and told me about a new product that had just come onto the market. We had met 2 years earlier and he knew of my struggle to lose weight. He also knew of my circumstance with my job and the surgery I almost had. He told me of others who had used the products and lost weight and got healthier; that even he had lost 40 pounds in just a few months of trying the product. He wanted me to try it. I told him I was from the “show me” state and that I would have to see it to believe it as I had tried “diets” before.

He sent me the YOR Health information and products and insisted I try them. Shakes? Yuk! I had done that before and hated the taste after just a week. I love how food tastes and need lots of flavor. I did not believe shakes would taste good enough for me to stay on this diet for very long, but I promised I would give it a try.

The shakes actually tasted great! The vitamins and other products really made me feel good. I was not sleeping all day depressed about everything and actually had some energy.

I lost 7pounds my first week. Of course everyone says that first week is all water weight. But I kept going. The next week I lost a couple more pounds. I was not working and could not afford to pay my friend back for the products he sent me so I slowed down on taking the products so that I would not run out to quickly. Stanley came to see me a couple of months later In October 2010 and insisted I take the products full-time. He would sponsor me for a while, so I did. And am I so glad I did! Because of the injury I sustained in the car accident I could not exercise and I was amazed that I could still lose weight just taking this product and sitting! I found ways of adding flavor without adding sugar to the shakes that made me look forward to the next and then the next one. I never got bored with the shakes and continued to lose! The best combination for me! A great taste and results!!

I stayed on it, even through the holidays. I ate whatever I wanted and continued to lose weight. My oldest child was getting married in May 2011 and I was actually able to order a dress two sizes smaller than when I started using YOR Health products! I had lost 40 pounds in 6 months. I know this sounds slow but it has stayed gone! When I hit my year one anniversary from starting YOR Health I had lost 70 pounds. As of my birthday this year I have lost 101 pounds! Now I am 100 pounds lighter and I have shrunk down to a size that I have not been in since before high school; I am actually smaller than I was when I met and married my husband 26 years ago! And for the first time EVER, I am the smallest in my family!

I only have 56 pounds to go to reach the goal that I set for myself and for the first time in my life I feel that I will make it! I am happy about my self, my size, and my health. Yes, I am still diabetic and still need medication, but I am finally seeing that I can do this! And it is all due to the YOR Health products. Thanks to the YOR Health products I am finally able to realize that I am beautiful! I have found the person that I always knew I was buried under the weight. My husband even loves the new me! YOR Health has changed my life. I can finally see a future with my family and I plan on being a life-long member of YOR Health. Now my extended family is also starting on the products due to the changes they see in me.

Thank you YOR Health for saving my life. And a special thank you to Stanley Chu for being a true friend and introducing me to YOR Health.
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