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YOR Health


Classic T-Shirt

Tshirt Classic
Classic YOR Health T-Shirt
The latest YOR Health designer style t-shirts sport a clean and simple design that you can wear on any occasion. The shimmer of the silver foil logo jumps off without being overbearing allowing you to look good whether you wear it casually or underneath a suit.

Made of the same fabric as the overwhelmingly popular NDS T-Shirts, these Classic YOR Health T-Shirts feel as good as they look.

PLEASE NOTE, these shirts should be washed in cold water with no bleach and tumble dried with cool temperature.

**Not currently available in Mexico and Philippines. Please check back for further updates.

*To guarantee the quality of marketing materials being used and to ensure marketing materials are uniform with our branding, YOR materials may not be re-labeled, re-packaged, or re-produced.