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A Letter from the Founder

Take Charge of YOR Success

At YOR Health, we have a unique opportunity. Our products use the most cutting edge technology in the world of nutrition; we only provide novelty products that are the best in the world. With our incredible product line, we make it simple for even the average person to become an entrepreneur and take control of their own financial well-being.

I believe this is the easiest time to distinguish what should be considered a concrete business model. Any company that is thriving in today’s tragic economical storm is undeniably solid. Who would have thought that the instruments that make the American economy strong: the banking and investment establishments, insurance institutions, major car manufacturers, and the real estate industry would collapse? How many people would have thought that direct sales or network marketing companies would not only weather the storm, but would also thrive in these periods? In fact, you will soon witness traditional business people moving towards the direction of the direct sales industry.

Here at YOR Health you will make some new friends and experience the fun spirit of everybody involved, all while building towards your financial freedom and living a healthy lifestyle. The momentum we carry and the direction we are headed, in this devastating economic atmosphere, make this a once in a lifetime opportunity to hopefully make lots of money and become healthy. After all, money has no value when there’s no health. Wouldn’t it be good to have both?

When I came to this country with my family, we lived in poverty stricken conditions, so I know what it’s like not to have anything. The concept of financial independence or being debt free was foreign to me. I was sure that was for others, not for people like me. My family struggled to make ends meet. My everyday battle to survive left me stressed and frustrated. Needless to say, my overall well-being deteriorated.

In my family, we had many cases of cancer and heart disease. I came to find that a few of my uncles died in their 40s due to heart failure. Later in my life, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol; my cardiologist told me that my arteries had the plaque build-up of a 90 year old man. Luckily for me, in my early 30s, good fortune came my way and I had a few mentors that guided me to achieving financial freedom. However, years of non-stop hard work took a toll on my health and knowing that I was a ticking time bomb reaching the big 4-0 only made me more worried. I then realized that money was not the answer.

I started to take my health very seriously from that point on. My cardiologist prescribed me medicine and put me on a strict diet of chicken and broccoli, which became a chore just to eat after a short while. For years, even with the medicine, I could not get my cholesterol in balance until I started exercising and learning about good nutrition.

Because of the desperate need to find a solution for my health condition, and through some extensive research, I created YOR Health. Now, I am able to provide myself the free time to exercise regularly, live stress free, eat what I want, and still maintain good nutrition. Through our great nutritional products, combined with my medicine, I have been able to leave my cardiologist astounded by my results. I am turning 47 this year; I am in the best shape of my life and I feel better than ever.

The challenges I faced in the earlier stages of my life allow me to understand the average person’s needs. For that reason, it has been my passion to make YOR Health as simple as possible, so it provides the best chance for even the average person to be successful. So have no fear. We have designed a system that will hold your hand and walk you through, step by step, until you develop the necessary skills and build up your confidence to a level that will take you to where you want to be.

Our great support system comprised of our leaders, the science behind our enzyme-based products, and our Advisory Board is available to all YOR Health Independent Representatives. Along with that, we offer superior products, the best compensation plan, and proven leadership; all of which make YOR Health an incredible opportunity to build a home-based business.

What sets us apart from other companies is our business model and our philosophy. Because we only do things with the intent to be the best of the best and designed everything with simplicity in mind, we are able to help the average person progress and have a better life. Our transparency, compassion, and dedication to help people succeed permeates from the top on down, eventually reaching our customers that naturally become Independent Representatives.

We pride ourselves on having the most effective products on the market and our ability to share them with the people we love most: our friends and family. In the following pages you will discover some of the experiences we share with each other, the sincerity of our family of Independent Representatives and Advisory Board members, the impressive results people have achieved with our products, and the success people have had with the YOR Health opportunity.

We are a head and shoulder above everybody else and that is easy to measure. From our products to the people we have in our Independent Representative base, to the Employees in our Corporate Office, I believe they are all priceless. To put it best, the people involved with YOR Health are my family. I hope to welcome you to the YOR Health family in person soon.

Until then, stay healthy!

Founding Chairman
Dennis Wong