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Roll-Up/Retractable Banners

Rollup Banners
Take YOR presentation to the next level
Add impact to your sales presentations with YOR Health Roll-up/Retractable Banners. This banner provides durability, quality, and convenience. Each banner is 3' wide x 6.5' high, comes with a retractable stand for easy display and a padded carrying bag for convenient transport to your next presentation! Setup is simple – just raise the pole and attach the banner to the top.

YOR Health Banner Artwork is available for download by submitting a request via Customer Care Online Support in YOR Admin. Please specify which banner(s) you will be printing, by using the "View Available Banners" button below to reference the appropriate banner(s). (For example: 6.5-Banner-D, 6.5-Banner-H, etc…)


Banner dimensions are as follows:
6.5' Tall Banners – (80cm x 200cm) CMYK Format
10' Tall Banners – (91cm x 305cm) CMYK Format

*To guarantee the quality of marketing materials being used and to ensure marketing materials are uniform with our branding, YOR materials may not be re-labeled, re-packaged, or re-produced.