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YOR Nutrition Delivery System® Tri-Fold Brochure

YOR NDS Tri-Fold
Featuring a simple and easy guide to YOR Health’s revolutionary YOR Nutrition Delivery System® blend! Within the pages of our tri-fold brochure, we have provided a step-by-step introduction to our Clinically Proven, Patent-Protected, Guaranteed YOR Nutrition Delivery System® formula. It’s the perfect way to boost your PV, promote your business and showcase YOR Health’s groundbreaking product line. So share the Official YOR Nutrition Delivery System® brochures with team members as tools for success and help clients get started with YOR Health today!

*To guarantee the quality of marketing materials being used and to ensure marketing materials are uniform with our branding, YOR materials may not be re-labeled, re-packaged, or re-produced.