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Shopping Bags

Shopping Bags white
Perfect for everyday use
The YOR Nutrition Delivery System® Shopping Bags are durable, soft, great for carrying all YOR products from one meeting to the next, and best of all, they are branded with the YOR Nutrition Delivery System® seal!

You can use these bags when you go shopping, replacing the need for wasteful paper or plastic bags. They can also be used for many other reasons. No matter what you need them for, be sure to pick up a few; you never know when they will come in handy.

Size: 12"w x 13"h x 5.5"d.
30.5cm w x 33cm h x 14cm d.

New YOR Nutrition Delivery System® Shopping Bags not currently available in the Philippines. Check back for further updates.

*To guarantee the quality of marketing materials being used and to ensure marketing materials are uniform with our branding, YOR materials may not be re-labeled, re-packaged, or re-produced.
** Products not included
Shopping Bags black