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Athletic Advisory Board

Terry Hairston
Terry Hairston
Athletic Advisor
bullet Mr. America 1995
bullet Co-Founder & Trainer of Team America Fitness
Team America
Terry Hairston and YOR Health
Terry Hairston has been a competitive bodybuilder since he was a teenager, winning titles such as the NPC Virginia, NPC Virginia Cup, NPC Virginia State, NPC San Jose and eventually the prestigious title of Mr. America!

With his 20 plus years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Terry has helped put together Team America Fitness, a collective of the best fitness trainers in the country.

Along with his wife, Kim Harris and his partner Michael Dunn, Terry is now poised to help the world to achieve their dreams of being their own champion.

Now 41, Terry remains active in the fitness industry by offering such services as personal training (one-on-one or group settings), nutrition guidance, and bodybuilding competition training which includes figure and fitness along with image consulting, nutrition, and stage presence.