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Our Culture

The YOR Health culture is based on an integrated approach to health and business. As one of our Independent Representatives, you are welcomed and respected as a member of the YOR Health family - a family who is dedicated to helping each other grow personally and professionally all unified with the same fundamental goals.

Together, we are YOR Health!
Starting with the first YOR Health Smart Car that appeared in NY in 2009, we now have an extensive fleet spanning across the US and abroad in Countries such as Mexico and Puerto Rico.
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The YOR Best Body Challenge is YOR opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle & achieve YOR Best Body. Over $12,000 in cash prizes!
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Every year YOR Health holds an action packed event to help celebrate our success, share our stories, spread the education of Health & build teamwork.
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YOR Success Magazine
Form the informational articles to the Independent Representative Recognition, YOR Success Magazine captures the culture of YOR Health in the form of a beautifully laid out publication.
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Experience first hand all that YOR Health has to offer. Whether it's the Annual Conference, special Reward Trip, or one of our many Regional & local events, you are sure to have a good time while learning some priceless lessons.
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