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Athletic Advisory Board

Ben Handsaker
Ben Handsaker
Athletic Advisor
bullet 1st Place - Model Australia
bullet 2nd Place - Musclemania Australia Competition - Physique Category
Ben Handsaker and YOR Health
After taking the fitness industry by storm, Ben 'Abstacker' Handsaker has grown into an up-and-coming professional in the Fitness Model industry. From an average chubby looking guy with 26% body fat, he transformed himself into one of Australia's top Fitness Models through sheer dedication and hard work. YOR Health is proud to have Ben as a member of our Athletic Advisory Board and is thrilled to have supported him in his rise to the top!

Ben 'Abstacker' exercised relentless drive and commitment, resulting in his best career appearance ever at the 2013 Asia Pacific Championships. His excellent physique and stage presence garnered the ANB Fitness Model Title, Overall Men's Champion and Overall Winner. Arguably the best Australian Fitness Model on the circuit, Ben has great potential combined with a charismatic personality that 'wows' a crowd.

During 2014, Ben made huge strides toward realizing his dream of Fitness Model fame and influence. His Pro Debut in the Musclemania Physique class at the Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, established his world class credentials as a stunning representative of the 2014 Natural Bodz Magazine Team Australia.

Without doubt one of the finest Natural Fitness Ambassadors in the industry, at the last Musclemania Australia competition Ben won his category, 1st Place Men's Physique. He also earned his Professional Status by winning the 2014 Musclemania Australia Physique Overall Title and was awarded the first ever Australian Men's Physique Model Pro Card, the highest title in the sport. Because of his new Pro Status, Ben, known by fans as the 'Abstacker,' is now invited to compete on a Professional Level at Musclemania events around the world.

But, that's not all! After two years of writing and talking about chronicling the journey of his life from an out-of-shape guy to an International Fitness Model, Ben's long awaited e-books have finally been written and released, to the delight of aspiring models and athletes alike. (Find more information at:

Fitness Models across the globe look forward to even greater achievements from Ben 'Abstacker' Handsaker in future years! With a touch more refinement, Ben is destined to grow into a force majeure, a leader to be reckoned with on the Pro Physique stage!