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Athletic Advisory Board

Hattie Boydle
Hattie Boydle
Athletic Advisor
bullet 2014 WBFF Pro
bullet 2013 Miss Bikini Universe & MuscleMania Model Champion
Ben Handsaker and YOR Health
YOR Health is always searching to find great athletes that are using our products. As an avid YOR Health user, Hattie Boydle, renowned international Sports Model, took the stage at our July 2014 Conference and shared her amazing story!

“When I was 15, I battled severe anorexia,” Hattie said. “I collapsed and woke up in an emergency hospital weighing 28kg, just under 62 pounds. Anorexia was the hardest battle I have ever had to face and I had many relapses. I used to exercise because I hated my body. Now I train because I love my body!”

Hattie’s accomplishments are many. A few of her achievements include 2014 WBFF Pro, 2013 Miss Bikini Universe & Musclemania Model Champion, 1st place in the 2013 Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) Fitness Model Competition, 2nd place in the 2013 International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Fitness Model Competition, and a crown for the INBA Sports Model Champion in 2011.

“I eat healthy food to nourish my body,” Hattie said. “I appreciate its strength, its power, its energy. I set goals in the weight room and not on the scales. I'm incredibly healthy and the happiest I have ever been!”

Hattie believes that when she is challenged to step outside of her comfort zone, the first excuse that comes to mind is, “I don’t have time.” But, that is everyone’s excuse. According to Hattie, “All we have is time! We choose whether or not we make time…”

Hattie Boydle is a true champion. Her commitment, not only to health but to helping others, is the hallmark of a real mentor.

“We need to love ourselves in order to move forward,” Hattie said. “No kind deed goes unappreciated. It's important to be kind to ourselves and the people around us. Imagine what we could all achieve if we were all happy!”

YOR Health welcomes Hattie Boydle, Performance Coach and successful Sports Model, to our Athletic Advisory Board. We hope that her positive example and leadership will inspire our customers worldwide to realize their full potential for health and happiness!