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Team America Fitness and YOR Health
Come join the top trainers in America and achieve Happiness Through Health!!
Team America Finess Owners
YOR Health & Team America Fitness have joined forces to help provide the best nutritional & physical health possible. The trainers of Team America Fitness are among the best in America, and it has always been their goal to help you achieve happiness through health!

Team America Fitness offers highly innovative personal training providing knowledge from America's top fitness experts, top champion bodybuilders, fitness competitors, sports medicine gurus and fitness models.
“I want my clients to be able to get results and be able to get good customer service and YOR Health, to me, have proven all that.”
- Terry Hairston

“It's something designed for you, works best for you and you will see the results in you.”
- Kim Hairston

“YOR Health has changed my total outlook on supplementation. It has made me realize the importance of working on ourselves from the inside out!! YOR health has the highest quality of supplements on the market, hands down!”
- Mike Dunn
Check out some of our current results:
Team America Testimonial
Alisa Fields
"I gained a tremendous support system that moved me from overweight and out of shape, to healthy, fit and active! I am so proud of the successes I have gained by making the commitment to get my body and health back! I am so thankful for my incredible trainers, Mike Dunn and Terry Hairston (Mr. America) who were instrumental in getting me the fittest I have been in over 10 years! They are extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and gifted at what they do."
Read Alisa's full testimonial
Team America Testimonial
Freddy Babayan
"I have been training with Team America Fitness since 2005. When I started, I was 225 pounds and had 22% body fat. I lost over 40 pounds and 17% body fat. I am proud to say that I have been able to maintain the same body fat since I reached its lowest level."
Read Freddy's full testimonial
Team America Testimonial
Jaime Westman
"After 3 months, I had dropped 30 pounds. By the 7th month, I went from 206 to 150 pounds...I went from 38% body fat to 21% and that 40 inch waist is at a 29. took my dedication...But the winning combination was Terry's dedication to my success...I didn't want to let myself down...and I didn't want to let my trainer down because I knew he had a vested interest in my success. My goal is 140 pounds and to get to 16% body fat. I would have never thought that was possible a year ago."
Read Jaime's full testimonial
Team America's Online Services include:
  • Customized Strength training workouts
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Sport specific training
  • Member Home Page
  • Healthy fitness recipes
  • Women's fitness
  • Core, balance and flexibility training
  • Champion bodybuilding routines
  • Detailed assessments to improve posture
  • Cardiovascular guidelines
  • Corrective exercises
  • Much Much More….
For a complete listing of services provided by Team America Fitness please visit their website at
Team America Fitness and YOR Health
Team America Fitness had been looking for supplements for their website, but co-founder, Terry Hairston, wanted to use something he knew would work. After trying YOR Health products for a few weeks, he felt the results in himself and saw them in the performance of his wife, Kim Harris Hairston and their clients.

Combining YOR Health's products with Team America's online training services provides a fail safe way to have the best personal training complimented by the best nutritional supplements.
For details about YOR Health Products, visit:
Product Listing
The YOR Health Advantage
The YOR Health advantage rests in our founding philosophy that more important than what you eat is what you absorb. We start with the highest quality ingredients from the best domestic and global sources, and then carefully formulate our products utilizing enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. With 30 years of research and clinical application behind our enzyme line, along with a diverse scientific advisory council of medical, scientific, and nutritional doctors, YOR Health is equipped with the proper expertise to uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity and product safety.

With an unwavering commitment to purity and quality, our goal is to provide innovative top-of-the-line health products that help you achieve optimum health and well-being. The YOR Health difference is aimed to help you "reach the next level" of health, energy, and well-being; so you are better equipped to achieve all of your personal and life-time goals. So what are you waiting for? Invest in YOR Health… YOR worth it!
Team America Fitness Website

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