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YOR Health


Athletic Advisory Board

Terry Hairston
Terry Hairston
Athletic Advisor
bullet Mr. America 1995
bullet Co-Founder & Trainer of Team America Fitness
Team America
Commercial Work
Life Size Display in Vitamin World stores and on vehicles
In-store Displays

Ads for Vitamin World, MET-Rx and Worldwide
(As shown in Flex, Muscle & Fitness, MuscleMag & Ironman Magazines)

Workout video for Vitamin World
For Vitamin World store locations

Physical Magazine

Gold's Gym Huntington Beach
Spokesperson / Model

Extreme Forces Magazine
Cover (sent to 40,000 troops in Iraq)

Rist Lok

European Magazine
International - Featured Athlete

Parillo Performance Newspaper (Beijing, China) China Fit Convention
Meeting with Chinese delegates about Emerging Markets for Gym Development

Jay McGraw
The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution based on Dr. Phil's Book (National TV)

TV News Channel
Beijing, China

CH 8, 10, 12 Live TV Broadcast
Local Television News

Ch. 6 News Live Broadcast ESPN: Lou Zwick
Local Network "Health during the Holidays"

Jenny Jones
Guest/ National Television

NOVEMBER 2007: Commercial Advertising Access Cable Network / Internet (40 million viewers)