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Athletic Advisory Board

Ben Handsaker
Ben Handsaker
Athletic Advisor
bullet 1st Place - Model Australia
bullet 2nd Place - Musclemania Australia Competition - Physique Category


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For me YOR Health as a company is a vehicle to help people change their lives. It’s spreading a new way of living a fulfilled and happy life by balancing health, self-development and wealth. I am part of YOR Health because it is aligned to my personal mission of wanting to help over 10,000 people change their lives just like I did by going from FAT to Fitness model.

I religiously use YOR Health products daily because I personally believe they are the best on the market. The products have a patented nutrition delivery component which is a revolutionary delivery system that no other company in the world has. This ensures our products are driven to your blood stream and not passed through the system without absorption. So you absorb everything you eat which is crucial for me eating clean and when preparing for Fitness competition and photo shoots.

The products will help in alkalizing your body. The benefits of being alkaline is you will feel more alive and alert, you will be less prone to mood swings, you will need less sleep, have a ton more energy and you will perform 10 x better in the gym !

The products were extremely helpful for my last show which took 12 weeks to prepare for. I was able to bring my body down to 5-6% much faster than the year before without YOR Health. I was also able to train super and work full-time on no carbs for 2 weeks and believe it or not I still had so much energy which is unheard of.

Overall, the YOR Health products are an all in one system that works on rebalancing the body and works in synergy like no other. This is the most simplistic, all in one system on the market.