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Professional Spotlight

Ryan Parker
Ryan Parker
Competitive Fitness Model & Training Director
Wolcott, CT - USA
bullet Health & Fitness Expert and Competitive Men’s Physique Model
bullet Director of fitness in the largest personal training program in Connecticut
bullet 2nd Place Men’s Physique WBFF Fitness Atlantic National Championships
bullet 2x2nd Place WBFF Boston New England championships
bullet 2nd Place WBFF Providence Fitness Weekend
Residing in Connecticut, 23-year old Ryan Parker, has committed himself to health and fitness from the beginning of his remembrance.

As young as the age of 4, Ryan has consistently been involved in sports. He’s done it all; basketball, soccer, football, track, wrestling, cross-country, you name it. Nearing 20 years of age, the young athlete was even competing in Division 11 and Division 1 AA Football as a walk on.

One unfortunate night changed everything.

In an attempt to help a friend, the gifted star found himself knocked unconscious, head first, on a curb. Rushed to the emergency room, it was clear that Ryan had a fractured skull. His memory was shattered, his right eye could not be opened for weeks, and he was clouded with a concussion during midterms. After his symptoms did not diminish, he knew there was severity in his condition. After endless visits to every doctor imaginable, Ryan was diagnosed with TBI, PCS, ADHD, PTSD, and Insomnia.

From college wizz and athletic star, to bedridden and frustrated, Ryan could not comprehend why the world would throw such an unbearable obstacle at him. As time passed, he was advised to slowly return to a moderate workout regimen. With results beginning to arise, Ryan came in contact with his mentor, Dave Fitzpatrick. Under his mentors wing, the former athlete was encouraged to return to class and find his niche men’s physique competitions. Competing opened an entire world of health and fitness.

During his beginning stages of training, Nate Giueletti, a YOR Health promoter, approached Ryan with the YOR Health product line. As the bodybuilder incorporated the products through his everyday training, he was able to place second in his first men’s physique championship!

A few weeks after his placing, Ryan visited his psychiatrist. Blood pressure levels had decreased, he was not taking his medications, and he felt healthier than ever. He knew that YOR Health was a turning point in his life. The products offered more than the physical changes. Ryan was surrounded with love, support, and a second family.

Ryan Parker’s belief in YOR Health has not only allowed him to invest in himself, but others.

“YOR Health is your greatest wealth”