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Professional Spotlight

Jackeline Cacho
Jackeline Cacho
Award Winning Journalist Producer, Television Hostess & Entrepreneur
Pasadena, California
bullet Over 20 years of business and broadcast experience
bullet Founder and pioneer of the Edutainment Revolution
bullet International Award winning Journalist Producer and Founder of a national TV Show: Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino on VMe TV network
bullet Vice President of Finding Productions, a media and marketing company based in Los Angeles, California.
With indigenous roots in Peru, Jackeline Cacho was introduced to the world of pageantry and competition during her first competition, the “Latin Model Pageant.” Jackeline continued to compete in three international competitions where she represented Peru.

Early 1990’s the talented young beauty, built her foundation for a career in communications. Within the next few years, Jackeline joined Triki Trak and Ellas, two national television shows which helped blossom her growing popularity. Upon her exposure, Channel 5 featured her segment on etiquette and modeling.

Cacho’s career launched in the United States in 1994. While positioning herself as a spokesperson for Latinos in the media, she became a director of three radio stations and a radio DJ for La Nueva 108. Jackeline continued on to become a local weather girl and special assignment reporter.

With the rising stars exposure, Univision brought Cacho on to a high profile slot as a weekend anchor and full time reporter at the Univision affiliate station in San Antonio, Texas— one of the most influential Spanish-speaking media markets in the nation.

Jackeline Cacho’s climb to influence and fame did not end there. Upon moving to Los Angeles, California, Cacho was able to take on a national anchor and reporter position for Azteca America, the third largest and growing national network. That year, the entrepreneur founded Finding Productions.

In 2012, as an influential body in the Latino community, Jackeline created the independent program “Triunfadores Latinos con Jackeline Cacho,” where she encourages the Latino community to be leaders. The following year, upon joining VMe TV, her show “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino” was aired in over 40 cities across the country. Her show highlights the story of Latin-American people who leave a mark in America.

Across her journey of Spanish speaking media, Jackeline had come across a massive plummet in her health. After recording her show Triunfo Latino in New York, she was rushed to the emergency room, finding an open, bleeding ulcer. This brought Jackeline to a stopping point in her career. She desperately searched for answers. Upon her quest to healthier living, the influencer was introduced to the power of enzymes through YOR Health.

Upon the regeneration of her health, Cacho was ready for the next stage of her life. Jackeline was ready to start a national health movement. As an influential journalist, she knew that informing was in her blood. "Triunfo Latino Por Tu Salud,” the reality show, was the bridge to share what happened to Jackeline, inform the Latin Community and transform lives.