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David Mead
David Mead
Professional Rugby League Footballer and Personal Trainer
Queensland, Australia
bullet Named in the Gold Coast Titans 2016 Auckland Nines squad.
bullet Playing fullback for the Titans' Auckland Nines squad in 2015.
bullet Selected for the Titans inaugural 2014 Auckland Nines squad.
bullet Played 20 games with his first taste at the fullback position.
bullet Named as part of the Papua New Guinea squad for the 2009 Pacific Cup.
bullet Named Papua New Guinea player of the year for 2009.
Born on 4 November 1988, 27 year old David Mead is a Professional Rugby League Footballer, personal trainer and family man.

David Mead is recognized as the fastest and fittest player in the game. He has become a public identity through his incredible game highlights which have been televised on National Television. David is a high profile player blessed with athletic ability and a genuine gift to read the game.

This gifted athlete currently plays for the Gold Coast Titans in the country's premier competition, The National Rugby League. With a passion for health, nutrition and fitness, David has always had ambition to become a professional athlete. His entire life was dedicated to full time training, understanding and implementing a healthy lifestyle in order to perform at a top tier level.

When Mead’s professional career began, he left a huge impression during the World Cup. He signed a contract extension with the Gold Coast Titans in 2009. That same year, he was named as part of the Papua New Guinea squad for the 2009 Pacific Cup and Papua New Guinea player of the year.

By 2010, David was one of the league's leader in multiple statistics, until a foot injury led him to miss the rest of his 2010 season.

Despite the Titans’ poor record in 2011, Mead played in every game and scored 16 tries from his 24 appearances. In his welcome back 2012 season, Mead played 20 games scoring 16 tries, including scoring try of the year as a fullback position. Come 2013, the player played 16 games, despite being out twice for a broken jaw and fractured vertebrae.

With David’s incredible playing record, the fullback position was fully his in 2014. Mead was selected for the Titans inaugural 2014 Auckland Nines squad. Recently, he was named in the Gold Coast Titans 2016 Auckland Nines squad.

Outside of his professional Rugby career, David is studying Personal training and has started a nutritional business. With his high profile and exposure, he plans to train and educate people across Australia on correct nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

With David’s intense training schedule, this athlete has incorporated YOR Health products into his everyday regimen. He is able to digest his food properly, keep his immunity in top shape, and train at a top tier level!