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Sid Taberlay
Sid Taberlay
Athletic Advisor
bullet Professional Mountain Biker
bullet Athens Olympian

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On September 22, 2013, Sid Taberlay co-joined with the Manly Bike and Life festival where he was also invited on stage with the local Mayor to talk to the kids before racing began. Shortly after Sid was on a bike and leading the way in the Men’s race ending in second place.

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In one of Australia’s biggest Mountain Bike participation event, Scott 24Hr, Sid Taberlay teamed up with a few local friends to participate in celebration of the organizing club’s 25th anniversary. Sid took a more relaxed approached and had some fun doing what he loves best all the while catching up with old friends.

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With his first race back in the USA, Sid Taberlay road away solo for the win at the Kenda Cup West in Santa Ynez, California April 30, 2103. There is no surprise there considering Sid has a perfect winning record since winning his First National Series back in 2008 here in the USA.
Coming in 3rd place for one of his favorite rides, Sid tested his skills at the Whisky Fat Boy Crit where challenges arose on the ride but he seemed to do what he does best and stay ahead enough of the rest of the pack.

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Back in Hobart, Tasmania, Sid Taberlay took charge on a familiar course, which he considers a home race. With minor changes Sid was able to adjust rather quickly and take second place in the Senior Men’s for the Oceania Continental Champs.

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Off the Bike Sid Taberaly has taken up the unofficial role of batting for the riders to hopefully improve the Mountain Bike governing body functions.

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Sid won 1st place in the Team Big Bear CA State Cross-Country Championship Race.

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Sid Taberlay: YOR Health
We caught up with Sid at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, California for the Southern California Prestige Series of Ciclocross as well as the day after for the final event of the MTB Season, the 2009 Unification Race. While there we were there, we were able to witness his dominating performance first hand as he took 1st place at each event and took 1st place overall in the 2009 US Cup MTB Unification Series.

Everybody thought that Sid was at a disadvantage using his MTB in the Ciclocross event, but he proved them to be quite wrong. Sid was able to distance himself from the rest of the riders as he never stepped off his bike and hopped over barriers, while others were picking up their bikes and carrying them over these barriers. Sid finished the race approximately 1 minute before the 2nd place rider crossed the finish line.

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The Unification Race was definitely stocked with stiffer competition; however, Sid was able to come out on top. Despite the heat, lack of a breeze, and the dry weather, Sid managed to maintain amongst front pack throughout the race, taking 1st place as each rider began to lose traction after every lap.

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Sid won 1st place in Race #1 and Race #2 of the Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series also earning him the 2009 Over the Hump Mountain Bike Race Series Overall title.

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The third round took place in Birmingham Alabama, with a tight twisty single track course designed for spectators and close racing.  In the front row was the “who’s who of North American mountain biking”: 6 Olympians, 2 previous World Champions and multiple current and past National Champions.

The race started with a ½ mile drag race along the road before entering the dirt.  Newly crowned Costa Rican National Champion, Manny Prado, (Taberlay’s teammate) got the hole shot off the starting line and lead before our Athletic Advisor, Sid Taberlay, attacked leading into the first off-road section.

“I just wanted to be at the front and stay out of trouble, with the crashes that happen when the race goes from 5 riders wide to single file on the track.”

Not wanting the lead and the job of pace setting, Taberlay, was happy to see Canadian, Geoff Kabush (Highest all-time race winner in North America), take over the lead.  By the end of the first lap a strong group of 10 had broken away from the rest of the field, Taberlay had 2 teammates, Plaxton and Jurekovic, in the lead group.

“It was really good having Sammy Jurekovic up in front early on to set the pace; it really took the pressure off myself and Max Plaxton.”

Come the end of the second lap many riders tried lifting the pace, trying to get away from the group.  By the end of the second lap, the group was down to five riders: Taberlay, Horgan-Kobelski (Olympian / previous USA National Champion), Mcgrath (Olympian / Commonwealth Medalist), Wells (2x Olympian) and Plaxton (Former World Championship Gold Medalist).  The group of five stayed together until the last half of a lap, where Taberlay attacked up the final climb.

“It was great having teammate, Max Plaxton, in the front group. With Max having the series lead it was up to me to go for the race win, while Max defended the series lead against Horgan-Kobelski.”

Taberlay was quickly joined off the front by Horgan-Kobelski; this was not a good situation for Plaxton but ideal for Taberlay.

“I couldn’t work with Horgan-Kobelski as he would take the series lead away from Max, I just had to sit on Horgan-Kobelski hoping Max could come back across.”

Unfortunately this didn’t happen and Taberlay was paced to the finish line by Horgan-Kobelski, where Taberlay was able to sprint to victory.

Max Plaxton finished 3rd and retains the series lead by one placing over Taberlay and Horgan-Kobelski.