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Athletic Advisory Board

Daniel Jacobs
Jerome Le Banner
Athletic Advisor
bullet 2011 I.S.K.A. World Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion
bullet 2010 W.P.M.F. World Super Heavyweight Muaythai Champion


Additional Reading Stats  
Steve Weber, an Independent Representative, came to me one day to present the YOR Health product line. Obviously, he spoke to me with passion and conviction. I am 38 now and I have tried many brands of dietary supplements in my life but the idea of trying something healthier for my body was appealing. My question was: “Are these products effective?” At first, I was very skeptical.

The next morning Steve brought me a packet of YOR Berry Blast. This product would give me an immediate boost. I tried it and honestly, it took about 10 minutes before I felt the energy promised boost. What surprised me the most is that I did not have that unpleasant sensation of heart palpitations that I usually get with this kind of energy booster. I was convinced! The YOR Berry Blast has become one of my favorite products that I use before a training session or when I race my bike.

Later, I told Steve I wanted to lose weight. At that time, I was about 120 kg and I had already tried several kinds of plans. Nothing worked. He introduced me to YOR CompleteBurn®. Once again, I was not disappointed! In addition to activating the metabolism and providing more energy, my appetite was decreased. Another product that I really like and use regularly is YOR Shake; it tastes really good and it is easy to digest. Now I'm happy because I'm 110 kg and I have not lost any muscle mass. I have found the shape and the body of my 20s while being 38. Thank you YOR Health!