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YOR Solution for The Future
YOR Solution for The Future

In order to address some of the greatest concerns facing our world today, YOR Health has strategically designed cutting edge health and wellness products within the growing multi-billion dollar markets of the weight management, digestive health, energy and fitness, and healthy aging industries.

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Because YOR Health understands the importance of evolving to adapt to a changing world, we also look to implement the latest innovations in nutrition technology. But before we discuss why our formulation technology, backed by leading doctors, is the wave of the future for more effective nutrition; it is important to first remind ourselves the basic aim of nutrition.

The goal of nutrition is bioavailability, getting nutrition absorbed into the blood so it can be transported to the rest of the body, to be used for building and repairing your body's cells, tissues, and organs. Enzymes are the key to nutrition because they improve the absorption and assimilation of nutrients into the blood. Enzymes are responsible for constructing, delivering, dispensing, and eliminating the many nutrient ingredients your body uses everyday in order to sustain life. This basic principle is why we formulate all of our products with the philosophy in mind that you are what you absorb.

Based on the latest cutting edge research, YOR Health uses scientifically formulated enzyme delivery systems, to work synergistically within each formula to maximize its effectiveness and absorption of nutrients… The results are - more effective nutrition for better results you can see and feel.

Effective nutrition is a crucial element to healthy living. You may think that if you swallow a multivitamin, 100% of the vitamins and minerals are absorbed into your system. However, this is simply not the case. At the cellular level, at the tissue level, and at the most basic level of the body's nutritional need, nutrients must be both absorbed and bioavailable in order for them to make a difference in your health.

Growing health concerns involving the weight management, digestive health, energy and fitness, and healthy aging industries, are sky-rocketing – but we are not destined to become statistics if we so choose. We all have the ability to assess the path we are on involving the health of ourselves and our loved ones. By taking a step outside of our particular vantage point, and seeing the realities of our nation, we have an opportunity to reexamine ourselves and that path.

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By revolutionizing the dietary supplement industry with highly effective nutritional products, we have a unique opportunity here at YOR Health. We now have a preventative solution to some of the most prevalent and growing health concerns facing our world today; along with the ability to offer an extremely promising economic opportunity. And according to statistics, by improving our health alone, we are more likely to improve our financial status as well. (Journal of Economic Perspectives).