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Invest in YOR Health.. YOR worth It
Invest in YOR Health.. YOR worth It

Many people live their lives each day feeling tired, fatigued, and run-down. They blame it on getting older, stress, genetics, etc. They get used to feeling this way and eventually it becomes accepted as normal. After a while, they can't remember what it's like to feel really good. Our modern day lifestyles, poor diets and chlorinated water, along with a polluted environment contributes to robbing us of the nutrients we need for optimum health.

Invest in YOR Health

Over the last 100 years, there has been a 72% LOSS OF MINERALS IN SOIL, as reported in The 1992 Earth Summit Report. Coincidently, the earth’s population has grown 4x over what it was from just a 100 years ago; from 1.65 billion in 1900, to an astounding 6.08 billion in 2000!

Our economy races to supply the demand of an exponentially growing population. The only problem is that when the population grows quicker than the earth’s resources, corners get cut. Quality is compromised for convenience, and mass consumption is met with mass production. How does this affect the food we grow and eventually eat? Mineral-deficient soil produces mineral-deficient foods. And mineral-deficient foods produce mineral-deficient people. No wonder so many people complain of fatigue and lack of energy...many of us are poorly nourished.

Depriving the body of vitamins and nutrients it needs creates great internal physiologic stress. Organs work harder and often make compensatory adjustments, like robbing other organs of their nutrients. The body produces more stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol to cope - which at high levels has detrimental effects on the body and brain. Combine physiological stress from our diets with the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stressors of our daily lives, and all of those add up to way beyond what our bodies were designed to deal with.