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The Power of Enzymes
The Power of Enzymes

In the past, we have been told to take our vitamins, eat a healthy balanced diet,and exercise regularly to protect our health. Although these practices are indeedcrucial to maintaining good health - something is CLEARLY missing! Rising fatalstatistics cry out whatever we are doing to preserve our health is undoubtedly not enough.

With advances in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics, the study of nutrition is becoming increasingly concerned with not only WHAT nutrients are consumed, but HOW they are processed and metabolized once they enter the body. What controls the digestion and metabolism of nutrients once they enter the body? Nutrient delivery systems – called ENZYMES.

Although enzymes are not a new topic in the health world, recent scientific evidence is showing more and more how digestive enzyme supplements can positively affect health. With each new scientific breakthrough, we become one step closer to understanding how our bodies truly work.

These revelations are redefining what we must do to achieve optimal health and well being. At YOR Health we fully embrace these revolutionary breakthroughs, and have even taken it one step further by customizing our products to meet your individual needs!

But first, to truly appreciate the beauty and power of enzymes, you must first understand the incredible role they play in every second of every day of our lives.