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Scientific Advisory Board

Richard B. Couey, Ph.D.
Richard B. Couey, Ph.D.
Scientific Advisor
bullet Consultant for the Texas Rangers (MLB) & the U.S. Olympic Team.
bullet 30 years of involvement in the health & fitness field.

Curriculum Vitae

Published Works  
Curriculum Vitae
Current Position: Professor of Health, Human Performance, and Recreation at Baylor University.
Education: B.A. BAYLOR UNIVERSITY, 1963
Professional Memberships: Society for Sports Medicine
Texas Association for Health, Human Performance and Recreation
Teaching Experience: HP 1420 Anatomy and Physiology: HED 3313 Nutrition:
HP 5332 Sports Medicine:
bullet Lifelong Fitness and Fulfillment. Broadman Publishers, Nashville, TN, 1980.
bullet Building God's Temple. Burgess Publishers, Minneapolis, MN, 1982.
bullet Happiness is Being a Physically Fit Christian. Broadman Publishers, Nashville, TN., 1984.
bullet Building God's Temple, 2nd Edition. Burgess Publishers, 1984.
bullet Ministerial Wellness, Broadman Publishers, 1988.
bullet Nutrition For God's Temple. Mellon Press, New York, 1993.
bullet Play Golf Effectively. West Publishers, Phoenix Arizona, 1993.
bullet Nutrition for God's Temple, 2nd Edition. Broadman Pub, 1994.
bullet Living Longer: The Magic of Enzymes. Serendipity Publishers, Houston, Texas, 1996.
bullet Fit To Serve Him Longer and Better. Lifeway Books, Nash, TN.,1997.
bullet The Happy Cell. Serendipity Publishers, Houston, Texas, 2002.
bullet Nutrition for the Happy Cell. Serendipity Publishers, Houston, Texas, 2002.
Articles (A representative sample of over 100 articles published)
bullet "How to Become a Whole Person." Church Rec. Mag, Aug., 1982.
bullet "Recreation for the Handicapped Person." Church Rec. Mag., Aug., 1981.
bullet "Biblical Prescriptions for a Healthy Life." Church Rec. Mag., March, 1980.
bullet "Commonly Asked Questions about Exercising." Mature Living, Aug., 1982.
bullet "Commonly Asked Questions about Dieting and Weight." Mature Living, Dec., 1982.
bullet "Kinesiological Approach to Pitching." Texas Coach, March, 1976.
bullet "Weight Training Exercises for Baseball Players." Texas Coach, Sept., 1975.
bullet Conducted physical fitness workshops at over 300 churches.
bullet Conducted and designed physical fitness programs for several police and fire departments.
bullet Spoke at several civic and social clubs throughout the U.S. concerning the need for wellness.
bullet Spoke at numerous weight loss seminars about nutrition and stress management.
bullet Spoke at several seminars concerning enzymes and their relationship to health.
bullet Spoke at several Texas Region Education Centers.
bullet Spoke as a Staley Christian Scholar to many Universities
Other Interests
bullet Former exercise physiology consultant for the U.S. Olympic Team.
bullet Former member of President's Commission on Physical Fitness and Sports.
bullet Former Texas senior amateur golf champion.
bullet Former professional baseball player for Chicago Cubs.
bullet Deacon at Columbus Avenue Baptist Church, Waco, Texas.
bullet Jogging and Golf.