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YOR Nutrition Delivery System® - The Next Level in Nutrition

- Part 3
What if we told you we had a solution to maximize nutritional intake, and we could help your body get more nutrients from the food you eat, and support healthy elimination as well? And on top of that, we have a clinically proven way to do so?

It's called YOR Nutrition Delivery System® (YOR Nutrition Delivery System) and it represents the culmination of nearly three years of research and development and will undoubtedly take the world of nutrition to a whole new level. YOR Nutrition Delivery System® represents the future of nutrition, and is best explained through several key features or concepts: Innovation, Clinically Proven, Patent-Protected, Perfect Balance between Science and Nature.
Puzzle Piece YOR Nutrition Delivery System® is a breakthrough innovation in nutrition. Just what is innovation? In the economy, innovation is the catalyst to growth. It represents forward thinking and creates new standards and solutions to solve existing problems. We have a global problem with nutrition. After significant research, testing, and development we created the proprietary enzyme blend comprising YOR Nutrition Delivery System® and found a way to improve nutrient absorption in order to maximize the benefits of nutritional intake. This innovation is exclusive to YOR Health and is characterized by its patented technology and clinically proven results.
Clinically Proven
No one's enzyme-building capacity is challenged more than the elderly as a result of time, energy, and age-related decline. Therefore, a group of institutionalized seniors were selected to examine what effect the enzyme blend in YOR Nutrition Delivery System® would have on their nutritional status, and overall health.

Scientists from Obirin University in partnership with the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology performed the clinical study of the enzyme blend contained in YOR Nutrition Delivery System®.

There were 24 participants in the study composed of men and women over the age of 65 living in a nursing home. Health status was considered equal in regards to body mass index, diet, and self-sufficiency between the enzyme test group and the control group. The trial lasted 25 weeks in which the 13 participants from the test group consumed the enzyme blend in YOR Nutrition Delivery System® three times a day with meals. The 11 members in the control group received a placebo. Key blood biomarkers were measured and compared utilizing a test method known as the paired t-test. Blood measurements were taken and compared at baseline (the beginning of the study) and after six months during the follow-up survey.

Three key biomarkers in the YOR Nutrition Delivery System® enzyme group showed significant changes in the follow-up survey, whereas in the control group no significant changes were found. In the conclusion the study states: “the results of this study imply that the digestive enzyme complex is practical for improving nutritional status…”

Nutritional status is crucial to good health, because it maintains the balance between the intake of nutrients and the expenditure of nutrients in the processes of growth, metabolism, and health maintenance. What's more, it was demonstrated in the conclusion of the study that by improving nutritional status, positive influences were also exhibited on the participants' energy, overall fitness, and general wellbeing, thereby supporting an improved quality of life.
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