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Tamara Jordan Haddad



2X Olympian and IFBB Bikini Pro Champion
2X Arnold Classic Competitor
Health/Wellness Coach
Competition Prep & Posing Coach
Tamara Jordan is a fitness and health lover. She believes that everything is connected and that to be truly balanced, the body, mind and soul must be at their highest functioning.

Her health has been key to her fitness throughout her competitive career as an IFBB Bikini Pro athlete and health/wellness coach.

After earning her BA in Psychology from CSULB (2010), she trained incredibly hard until earning her IFBB Pro Card at the Muscle Contest USA National Competition in July 2013.

She then fulfilled her dreams of competing in the most prestigious bodybuilding competitions in the world, 2X at the Olympia (2015 and 2017), as well as 2X at the Arnold Classic (2018 Ohio and Australia).

Tamara found that working with others as a Health and Wellness Coach, as well as a Competition Prep and Posing Coach, was her ultimate passion. Seeing the lives of so many men and women transformed into the best of themselves is her greatest joy. Tamara works with hundreds of women as a bikini posing, wellness, and figure coach, helping them boost their confidence not only for her show, but for her everyday life as well. Everything her clients learn in class for their competition is a metaphor and a lesson for them to live their lives as strong, beautiful, confident and godly women of integrity.

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Being in the fitness industry as a professional athlete and training/nutrition coach for lifestyle clients and competitors, I have always been looking for the right set of wellness products to help achieve the optimal level of fitness for my clients and for myself. I have tried hundreds of products from various brands. I am very happy to have found YOR Health and its wellness products. When I'm taking YOR Health products, my body and mind feel great. My customers love the products too! When we use health supplements that deliver great results, we get excited about our now and our future.
“The right set of wellness products to help achieve the optimal level of fitness”
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