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Daniel Jacobs and YOR Health
Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.
- Muhammad Ali
Daniel Jacobs credits his recent performance in the ring to his involvement with YOR Health, which he was introduced to at the end of 2008.  Daniel was instantly impressed stating that he saw a great opportunity and great products, which he began taking himself.  “Once I started taking the products, they affected me immediately,” he stated.  He also added that the CompleteBurn helped him “get more cut”, and provided him with “ever-lasting” energy.  The Repair helped his body recover after his hard workouts, and in turn, helped him rise to a whole new level in boxing.
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When Daniel attended his first YOR Health event, he discovered what he describes as “a great opportunity.”  What he loves about the YOR Health Opportunity is that it not only allows him a chance to earn a residual income, but he is also bettering his health, as well as supporting the health of his family and friends.
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YOR Health products are targeted to support some of the most prevalent health challenges facing our modern world today: weight management, digestive health, stress, and nutritional deficiency.

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The YOR Health Advantage
The YOR Health advantage rests in our founding philosophy that more important than what you eat is what you absorb. We start with the highest quality ingredients from the best domestic and global sources, and then carefully formulate our products utilizing enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness. With 30 years of research and clinical application behind our enzyme line, along with a diverse scientific advisory council of medical, scientific, and nutritional doctors, YOR Health is equipped with the proper expertise to uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity and product safety.

With an unwavering commitment to purity and quality, our goal is to provide innovative top-of-the-line health products that help you achieve optimum health and well-being. The YOR Health difference is aimed to help you "reach the next level" of health, energy, and well-being; so you are better equipped to achieve all of your personal and life-time goals. So what are you waiting for? Invest in YOR Health… YOR worth it!

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May 2, 2009 Daniel Jacobs VS. Michael Walker
On Saturday May 2, 2009 Daniel Jacobs went the distance against Michael Walker on the undercard of the biggest card of the year (Pacquiao vs Hatton).  Jacobs defeated Walker by unanimous decision after 8 grueling rounds, garnering him his 16th straight win as a professional boxer.  Daniel remains undefeated with an impressive record of 16-0 with 14 K.O.’s and is awaiting his next opponent.

Photos from the weekend long event are below.

Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health Daniel Jacobs: YOR Health