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Product Philosophy
YOR Health advantage rests in our founding philosophy that you are what you absorb. We start with the highest quality ingredients from the best domestic and global sources, and then carefully formulate our products utilizing enzyme delivery systems to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.
Backed by Science and Experience
With 30 years of research and clinical application behind our enzyme line, along with a diverse scientific advisory council of medical, scientific, and nutritional doctors, YOR Health is equipped with the proper expertise to uphold the highest standards of scientific integrity and product safety.
Designed with YOU in mind!
With an unwavering commitment to purity and quality, our goal is to provide innovative top-of-the-line health products that help you achieve optimum health and well-being. The YOR Health difference is aimed to help you “reach the next level” of health, energy, and well-being so you are better equipped to achieve all of your personal and life-time goals. So what are you waiting for?