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Ryan Parker



Competitive Fitness Model & Training Director
Connecticut resident Ryan Parker has been committed to health and fitness for as long as he can remember.

From the age of 4, he has done everything; basketball, soccer, track, wrestling, cross country, you name it. Before the age of 20, the young athlete was even competing in Division 11 Wrestling and then Division 1 AA Football.

One unfortunate night changed everything.

In an attempt to help a friend, the gifted star was found unconscious and upside down on a sidewalk. Rushed to the emergency room, it was clear that Ryan had a fractured skull. His memory was shattered, his right eye couldn't open for weeks and he was clouded by a concussion during diagnosis. His condition was serious. After endless visits to every doctor imaginable, Ryan was diagnosed with TBI, PCS, ADHD, PTSD, and insomnia.

From college genius and athletic star to bedridden and frustrated, Ryan couldn't understand why the world would throw such an unbearable obstacle at him. As time went on, he was advised to slowly return to a moderate exercise regimen. Ryan contacted his mentor, Dave Fitzpatrick, and under his wing, was encouraged to return to the men's physique competitions. This opened up a whole world of health and fitness for him.

During his initial stages of training, Nate Giueletti, a YOR Health promoter, approached Ryan with the product line. As the bodybuilder incorporated YOR Health into his daily training, he was able to take second place in his first men's physique championship!

A few weeks later, Ryan visited his psychiatrist. Blood pressure levels had dropped, and he felt healthier than ever. He knew that YOR Health was a turning point in his life. Products offered more than physical changes. Ryan was surrounded by love, support and a second family.
When I discovered YOR Best Body, I was intrigued by the company's product philosophy. Working in the gym and studying dietetics, this program left me a skeptic. After doing research on the products and scientific advisory board, I joined the Challenge and saw results not only in my physique, but in my energy levels, recovery time, strength, focus, and endurance.

Routine blood work had revealed that my LDL cholesterol lowered, HDL increased, blood pressure dropped, my BMI decreased & my body fat % dropped. During the 8-week challenge, YOR Health products proved to help build muscle, burn fat, and help my overall personal health portfolio.

I’ve now been using this product line for several years. It started with an 8-week challenge, then it became a lifestyle, and the best part is… it’s only the beginning. YOR Health is only going to continue to innovate the industry and revolutionize the nutritional support game.
“YOR Health is your greatest wealth”

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