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No More Pain, PERIOD!!
I’ve been suffering with major cramps and pain for the past 7 years. Each month when my period comes I get really sharp pains in my lower stomach and back. I feel bloated and it’s hard to focus and concentrate on the work that I need to do through out my day. The first and second day is always the worst. I experience excruciating pain to the point where all I want to do is lay in bed and do nothing all day. Because I feel this way during my menstrual cycle, it always led to me to have a negative bad attitude through out the week.

For over 7 years I have tried various methods of pain relief on the market. None of them helped to alleviate the cramps and pain that I had. Month after month I continued to try something new hoping that it might lessen the pain. Nonetheless the pain was always there during my menstrual cycle. So I came to expect that there would always be that one week of suffering every month.

When I heard about the Enzyme products from YOR Health, it didn’t cross my mind that the products may help to ease the cramps and back pains I always experienced during my one week cycle. Fortunately, the Enzymes proved me wrong!! I started to take YOR Repair, YOR Digestive Enzymes, and YOR Probiotics on a daily basis for 2 months straight. Thanks to YOR Health's line of Enzyme products, I no longer have to suffer that "one week of the month". These products have made a strong impact on my life.
- Yaniris Abreu, New York, NY - US
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