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5% chance of walking…now RUNNING!!!
On March 19, 2008 I was diagnosed with TB of the Spine and the Englewood Hospital in New Jersey. Two of my vertebrae were eaten away, so my spine collapsed and because of that, my spinal cord got compressed. Due to the compression of my spinal cord, I was paralyzed from my chest down. I couldn’t walk because I lost all my strength from my legs, I couldn’t sit up because I couldn’t use my stomach muscles, so pretty much I was in bed 24/7. So by March 21, 2008 I went into surgery at UMDNJ in Newark, New Jersey. They put in a fiber tube, metal rods, and screws to decompress my spinal cord. Before surgery, I asked my surgeon what is my chance of walking again, he reluctantly told me that I only have 5%. After Surgery, I went into rehab for physical therapy. It was the toughest thing I have ever done physically and mentally. Fighting the thoughts of not being able to walk again and how much trouble I will put my friends and family through if I’m paralyzed for the rest of my life.

Because I couldn’t walk for so long, my muscles became weak and especially my joints, they were so stiff and when I exercise I would hear it crack and snap. My first experience with YOR Health products was the YOR Essential Vitamins; I took 6 a day, 3 in the morning and 3 at night. After 2 days my knees and ankles stop cracking. I thought it was weird and wondered why it didn’t crack like how they usually do when I exercise. But then I realized that I took the YOR Essential Vitamins. That was just the Vitamins. My experience didn’t stop there.

As I’m going through my recovery, my surgeon told me that I have to wear my braces for my back because my back is still in the healing process. I’m very sensitive to my body so I can feel all the aches and uneasiness in my back. Every morning I would feel the soreness and pain. I would get up and sit on my bed for a minute or 2 just to get my back to adjust to being in the upright position. So at the time, the YOR Repair came out, I was skeptical of what it can do, but of course I had to try it. I took 2 repairs at night and the next morning I just sat up and walked to the bathroom. Again, I thought it was abnormal of the situation because I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. But then I realized that I took some Repair last night. I was in disbelief of how amazing and miraculous the Repair was.

Since I’m still going through my recovery, I go back to my surgeon once every two months for check up. I remember my last visit with my surgeon (his P.A. usually does the check up on me first before I see him). She was in shock of how fast my recovery was progressing, because the previous time I went there, I was still in a wheelchair and this time I was able to walk by myself and didn’t even need a walker. She told me that the hospital should write an article about me and how fast I’m recovering.

Today, I don’t feel any pain and walk normally. It has only been 10 months and I feel like I’m 90% recovered. I started jogging now and my goal is to run by the summer of 2009. I still remember clearly that one of the surgeons told me that I only had a 5% chance of walking again and today I’m almost running. YOR Health products have been a crucial part of my recovery process.
- Son N Nguyen, Ridgefield, NJ - US
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