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From Bangin Heads to Head Banger!!!!
Growing up I was always a little chunky, and acne, the worst. I’ve used a ton of facial creams. Over the years I lost a little so I was just thick. Before I got introduced to this company and the products there were a lot of things wrong with my body that I was completely unaware of and how serious it could be.

I used to get these massive migraines to the point were my teeth would hurt. After a while I got used to the pain, but I always knew it was there. I remember my mom saying, “You’re too young to have back and neck pain!” Being 9yrs old I paid it no attention. Not to mention that’s what comes with being an artist and having your body in that same position for hours at a time.

I really changed up when I moved back to NY, taking the train and walking up and down 4 flights of stairs everyday. That summer I had gained weight and was up to 150lbs, size 9/10-11/12 jeans. It hit me one day when I had to sit down in the train station because my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t breathe very well. My mom was right.

First I just started using the MRP to replace 2 meals a day along with the Essential Vitamin. Me being a person on the go all the time I wouldn’t have time to make breakfast, so I would make a shake while I was on the bus. After a week I saw my love handles start to disappear. I was super excited! After about 4 months, I'm now 131lbs and wearing a 6 in jeans.

And the vitamins did wonders for my focus. That scatter brained feeling was a lot easier to get rid of. Since the vitamins have 100mg of CoQ10 in them I haven’t had a headache since. When I was still in high school I would take 2hr naps when I came home. I have so much more energy and my face cleared up even after I stopped using facial products. I’ve never had another scary day like that one in the train. I must say that the vitamins are my favorite product.

Now that we have the enzyme products I’m even more excited!!! As I got older, I really started to feel the effects of my lactose intolerance (even though I drank milk straight for God knows how long). Taking Digestive Enzymes before every meal, and the Probiotics morning and night, helped me out so I get to have butter again without having mucus stuck in the back of my throat.
- Robyn Baxter, New York, New York - US
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