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YOR HEALTH has been just amazing. The products and the information that has been made available to me have really enhanced my life as a person, especially in health, nutrition, and wellness. I used to have quite bad skin, my mum used to describe it as dry and warty and the acne was mild but persistent. This affected my self-esteem, but then after using the YOR ESSENTIAL VITAMINS and the YOR SUPERGREENS, my facial texture and complexion has cleared up and I feel just great, no more spots or pimples and the blackheads are just clearing up because of the high anti-oxidant power of the CoQ10.

Growing up as kids we were told we should go to the bathroom at least once a day, apparently we are still constipated. I never had regular bowel movements and the auto-intoxication gave rise to flatulence and headaches. Thanks to the YOR DIGESTIVE ENZYMES which I take with my major meals, I have been able to eliminate those conditions, improve the utilization of the food I take in and also have regular bowel movements after major meals- its amazing, never thought it was possible.

I used to also have a rather slim-to-skinny build, lying close to the BMI border of being underweight for a guy (i.e. 19.9) and found this rather disturbing. Then came my answer, YOR MRP. Supplementing my diet and morning exercise with this great tasting, low calorie, easy-to-mix drink has given my physique a significant facelift. I gained a whopping 27 pounds of lean muscle for starters and am now weighing 167 pounds and now my BMI is now 22.6. YOR HEALTH is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Now, my day is filled with exuberance and high levels of energy and the health tips from YOR HEALTH helps me keep everything in good balance. What will YOR transformation be like? I LOVE YOR HEALTH!
- Patrick Bannerman-Agbesi, Cliffside Park, NJ - USA
*The testimonials contained on this website and any other publication or printed materials are provided by customers who have used at least one YOR Health product. Please be advised that the testimonials contained on this website and any other publication or printed materials reflect only the experiences of the customer who has provided the testimonial. YOR Health does not make any claim that such experiences are typical or are indicative of future performance or success of using one of their products.

The above individual’s results may not be typical. As of January 2024, those who completed 8 weeks in the weight loss category of YOR Best Body lost an average of 13.97 lb (6.33 kg), or 1.74 lb (0.79 kg) per week. When replacing 2 out of 5 mini-meals per day with a meal replacement shake, the average person should expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. As with any reduced-calorie diet, the amount of weight you'll lose will depend on the number of calories you consume in proportion to your weight. Optimal results are achieved when following the product regimen in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Individual results may vary. Factors that may affect your results include (but are not limited to) your metabolism, exercise routine, diet, smoking, pregnancy, current medications and any medical conditions. As with any health or fitness program, regular exercise and a sensible eating plan are essential to achieve long-term weight loss results. No customer was paid for a testimonial.