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Regaining the Bounce in My Step
About three years ago, I began suffering from what is known as "runner's knee". Prior to that, I was an avid martial artist and was really into fitness. I ran every day, even during the winter months. I truly enjoyed the way intense exercise made me feel, especially that "runner's high". My thought process seemed clearer and my emotions more stable.

When the symptoms of runner's knee started, at first I was in denial. My knees became stiff and swollen. Movement was slow and painful. I made attempts to run and/or workout, but the pain was extremely excruciating. The flexibility, endurance and strength I once had from exercise had given me confidence and feelings of youth.

I gradually stopped working out at all since I was unable to work out like I used to. I felt my muscles shrink and become rigid. My mind became slower with less vigor. After many weeks of non-activity, I fell into a very deep depression. Weeks then turned to months, and eventually three years passed before I finally decided to seek help.

My initial hesitation came from the unwillingness to accept that anything serious was wrong. This was coupled with the idea that I simply feared any bad news that would discourage me from resuming my once enjoyable routine. I was suggested to go into sports therapy; however, my insurance wouldn't cover the expenses. I decided to work out on my own and picked up low impact exercises such as cycling. Even then, I still experienced the limitations of movement due to my runner's knee. Again, I felt hopeless and was beginning to wonder if I would ever recover. I was then introduced to YOR Repair. At first, I was skeptical, since I tried everything that you can think of, and nothing seemed to work long term.

Friends of mine that were taking the YOR Repair were getting amazing results and because it seemed to work for them, I finally decided to try it. I also became educated on digestion and how it affects nutrient absorption and recovery. And after a couple of weeks I started feeling more circulation in my knees. After a week, I also experienced more flexibility in my legs. Within three weeks, I no longer struggled to climb a flight of stairs. It wasn't long after that I was able to run up the stairs with almost no pain at all! I felt those exuberant feelings I once had come flushing back! It was at that moment I knew I had found my "little fountain of youth"!

I'm very pleased with my progress so far. I never thought that my youthful swagger would ever have a chance of coming back. For those who don't feel they can ever get recovery from muscle and joint pain, with YOR Repair, "yes we can"!
- Owen Chang, Palisades Park, NJ - US
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