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When I was young, I already had a major digestive problem. I can vividly recall from my past, how my dad would literally massage my stomach because it hurt. For me, I didn’t understand why it hurt yet alone my parents. Among my symptoms included acid reflux, bloating, gas, and burping. This is not to disgust anybody out, but literally, eating meat, like burgers, wasn’t friendly in my stomach. In about 2-3 hours after I ate I would be burping and throw up a piece of that burger with bubbles of acid sizzling. The after taste was just as awful.

As I grew up and throughout my adult life, I literally went to several doctors to check my stomach. What most of the doctors did was prescribed drugs, which worked for a few days, but with a painful side effect. If a drug did not work for me my doctor would reevaluate my condition and put me on another medicine. My doctor finally decided to refer me to a Gastroenterologist who specialized in digestive system. To make a long story short, he inserted a camera in my stomach. Little did I know the specialist didn’t find any symptoms. To bear all these expensive procedures, medicine, medical bills, and the amount of pain I was going through emotionally was an imaginable. I was about to give up, but I sought other natural solutions. And so, I started eating more whole foods, organic, natural food, and exercising yet I would still have my symptoms.

I said to myself, there must be other solutions and luckily last year I found a way to support my digestive system. When YOR Health came along, I was skeptic, yet I was desperate to aid my digestive system. I have been taking YOR Health products for the past 9 months now. First, I took YOR MRP and the Digestive Enzymes which has truly helped my digestive system function correctly. Now, I feel better, healthier, and above all my bloating, and burping have slowly diminished.
- Michael Pascual, Long Beach, CA - US
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