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Silent Treatment
On the day before New Year's Eve, I got an early morning phone call from my brother. When I picked up to talk, my voice was gone and I could barely talk. I guess the night before I neglected that the light cough and the slight itchiness in my throat would cause me to lose my voice.

So the first solution that popped in my head was to open up a capsule of YOR Probiotics into a small cup of water. I was skeptical at first to try it because I thought it'll be too good to be true, but I did since there was nothing to lose.

Before using the YOR Probiotics, my throat felt itchy, dry, sore, and I had a light cough. Because my throat was really bad, I opened up 3 capsules into 8 oz of water and gargled it; I did that twice.

Within seconds, my throat started to feel better and the itchiness went away. Within the next 40 minutes, my voice came back and I was able to talk and project clearly. I couldn't believe it so I started to sing and yell to test out my voice. I was amazed! THANKS YOR HEALTH!
- Mayling Zhong, Brooklyn, NY - US
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