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Improved Skin
It all started when I was 12 years old; I began to see acne on my face and couldn’t believe it. I remember crying in the mirror many times because I felt like the ugly duckling of the family and among my friends. I never felt that I can truly fit in with other group of friends. Seeing how so many young females had beautiful skin made me feel cursed for not having the same type of skin. Little did I know that my back and chest were also getting acne and blemishes. I felt embarrassed to show my back with a tank top. I couldn’t believe that by the age of 13 I had to start using make up to always cover up my scars in my face. I felt like I was hiding behind a fake mask. I remember one day waking up and feeling so stressed out about having to put on make up. I said to myself “I wish I can just stand strong and not care about what people think, therefore I won’t wear make up today” and that day I regretted it with my life.

Everyone in the street kept looking at my face funny, like I was an alien of acne and scars. Some people in school who were little bullies will be saying comments such as “what’s wrong with your face?” When you hear such things they really hit you hard and get to your head. My self-esteem was always on the floor because of that day. While people have low self-esteem because they’re overweight, I was dealing with damaged skin and felt the worst ever. I remember days where I would look at VERY BEAUTIFUL young ladies with wonderful skin, that were also a bit overweight, and I wished I was them with their weight because I rather have their beautiful skin. Of course reality hits you when you can’t change places with anyone and you must find a solution.

Well my solution was YOR ESSENTIAL VITAMIN™ and YOR MRP™. I began to simply drink the Chocolate MRP here and there as a snack or as a "MUST DRINK IT" drink because I knew how nutritious it is. I took six Essential Vitamin a day without a problem, two with each meal of the day. I realized changes in my skin in about 3 weeks. 3 months later is when I took the "AFTER" picture that you see here today and I realized the change. YOR Essential Vitamin™ also gives me a lot of energy to last me the whole day. I feel more alert and much healthier. Currently I have improve my skin even more because it has been a month since I took that last picture, but I finally feel a little bit more confident about the improvement my skin has made. I can't say that I now have “perfect” skin, but I can say that I’m a living testimony of a small change in your life, like being well nourished on the inside, can make a HUGE difference on how you look on the outside. I thank God for these products that YOR has come out with, they’ve been a blessing in my life, and I'm sure for many others too.

- Marlyn Rojas, Bronx, New York - US
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