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Lucky Me
I don't know how to describe what happened to me a couple of months ago. On October 30th, as always, I went to work. Later that day something happened that will make me see life differently. What happened that day around 12:30 pm was that I got crushed between a forklift and a machine. The two machines were crushing my whole body, especially my lower back. At first I thought that it was breaking my back and it came to my mind that I was going to die. I thought that I don't want to die this way, but thankfully for me, the universe or whatever you want to call it, gave me another chance because none of my co-workers were around. But then, just from nowhere, a co-worker saw me and came right away and moved the forklift. Then, I went to the ground and I thought that the bones in my back were broken because I was in such pain.

A couple of minutes later the Fire Dept. and an ambulance came for take me to the hospital. They didn't want to move me around because they thought that my back was broken. I was in such pain that I was crying. The doctors gave me some painkillers but they couldn't do anything for me; I still was in pain. I was afraid that I couldn't walk anymore. So the doctors did x-rays and the x-rays showed that my bones were perfectly fine. But, what was damaged were my back muscles as well as my left arm. The nerves from my left arm were damaged.

The doctors told me that it will take months for my body to get better. They gave me painkillers and told me to rest for a couple of weeks so my muscles get better. I didn't listen to what the doctors told me. Thankfully, YOR Repair came out that week and the next day my manager, Mr. Joe Chui, gave me bottle. That same day I took 15 pills of Repair. Right away I felt that's it was working. A week later my back didn't have any pain, it wasn't bother me when I was sleeping and the nerves in my arm were still getting better. My arm still isn’t 100%, but I feel that is getting better faster with the help of the Repair. I truly believe that the Repair works.
- Jorge Adan, Brooklyn, New York - US
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