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Regained My Confidence
Back in high school, in the good old days, I was at the top of my game. I was young, I was fit, I was popular, I was working out about 5 times a week, I ran about 3 miles a day, I played an array of sports from basketball, soccer, and football. I was in the pursuit of being a professional dancer. I was in phenomenal shape and my body was at the best it could be. I had a solid six pack, therefore, I was confident in my body, my health, and felt like I could accomplish anything because I didn't fear being judged or being criticized. I knew my body was at its peak. My family and friends all looked up to me and spoke very highly of how fit I was. They always sought my advice on how they could acquire a body like mine. Life couldn't be better.

As I moved out of high school and came into the real world I was forced to take life seriously. I moved out of my house and to “The Big Apple” in pursuit of being a professional dancer. Little did I realize being independent was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I found myself picking up all different types of jobs to make ends meet, just so I could survive. Every month coming up with rent, paying basic bills, and puttin food on the table was definitely a challenge. I didn't have time to work out 5 times a week anymore. I wasn't running 3 miles a day and I just didn't have the time to focus on my body. I slowly yet surely saw my "perfect" body deteriorating.

Some way, somehow between neglect and my intense schedule to survive on my own, I started to form a gut. I was never the biggest kid, I was never super over weight, so when people hear me tell my story they think "Jonny you’re not fat” or “Jonny your not unfit." Everyone just thought I had the perfect body just because I wasn't over weight. Thinking back I realized that everyone used to look up to me. I was the one that had the washboard stomach and the ideal body that everyone wanted to acquire but never had. Its one thing if you never had something because you never knew what it could feel like. It's another when you've tasted the sweet and lost it, and now you must deal with the bitter. I wanted to live up to my image but I didn't know what to do. I just had to find a way.

I found myself sucking in my stomach more, it wasn't that bad, but if I sucked it in a little no one would see it. I would think to myself "No one will know... a pool party? Just do a couple sit ups, a couple pull ups and push ups, to shock those muscles ...and you will be ready to go, and you will remain the perfect Jonny." Little did I realize by lying to myself and trying to live up to this image that my friends and family had created for me, I was quickly chipping away at my confidence. It really bothered me when people came to me and told me how great my body was, and how fit I looked. I would just put on a smile and nod, but I knew the truth. My body was a lie. I started to realize I was becoming a different person; I just wasn't that confident person anymore. I felt like I had to live up to something that I wasn't. I felt people were criticizing me and I didn't have an answer.

When I first got word that YOR Health was about to launch I must confess I was a bit skeptical. I thought to myself "vitamins? Everyone has vitamins...meal replacements? ...everyone has meal replacements." But as the YOR Health products became the talk of the town and I couldn't stop hearing about it, it made me a bit more open-minded. I thought what the heck just try it. It just so happened that my friend Vana happened to have the vanilla YOR MRP on her. As she handed it to me she said, "Here, this is it, this is the vanilla YOR MRP," and to my surprise it was absolutely kick butt for a meal replacement. At the time I didn't understand all that Aminogen and Carbogen or whatever gen stuff. I just heard it was really good for my body. The next day I came home and I saw a big brown box wrapped in YOR tape. I knew it was the package. I ripped it apart, I took out the shaker bottle, I poured in 8 ounces of water dropped in 2 scoops of the chocolate, shook it up like a mad man anticipating the taste of the MRP on my taste buds. I took the first sip and WOW! The chocolate is even better, I couldn't help myself, I just chugged it, and I was definitely sold. From that point on the MRP became a part of my daily routine.

I started learning more about the ingredients in the product and understanding what the Aminogen and Carbogen really did for my body. Along with YOR CompleteBurn and YOR Essential Vitamin, that helped boost my metabolism and lose the extra fat in the areas where people think is impossible to get rid of. Even better I don't get the rush of energy following a crash like coffee and energy drinks did to me. I know what this product can do for me and how it can get me to my goal; to get that lean muscle mass, and muscle separation that I've long missed.

I started taking 2 CompleteBurns a day along with 6 Essential Vitamins. The MRP 2 times if not 3 times a day, adding it to my meals with 4 scoops of either chocolate or vanilla, 4 ounces of water 4 ounces of soy, and a big hand full of blue berries... I love my blue berries. I replace breakfast with my blue berry MRP, and I drink the others as a snack along with 3 other medium meals during the day, being more cautious of what I have my meals instead of a quick McDonalds meal. I do this along with working out at the gym once a week, and throwing in a good cardio work out when I teach hip-hop class once a week. I was confident it was only a matter of time that my confidence would come back in place and I would finally be free of the judgment that my family and friends placed on me. Most importantly I will be free of the judgment that I place on myself. Today I love my body just as much as I love YOR Health, and I have the body to prove that YOR Health really does work.
- Jonny Cann, Cliffside Park, NJ - US
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