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My Insides are excited
My name is Jonathan Browne. I am a Navy Veteran. Currently I am a student in college and I’m into martial arts. I want to tell you that I looked good on the outside but on the inside it was bad juju. I had a lot of issues when I ate food or had anything but water. Kool-aid, soda pop and ice tea were no good because I still felt thirsty, as if my throat as still dry. The pork fried rice and chicken wings didn't satisfy me either. I was full but still hungry! I wanted more!

I felt that I lost some of my inner strength and I wanted it back! My body was stiffening. My joints made clicking sounds when I got in to stance. I looked constipated when I put my guard up and I looked tense while receiving blows from my opponent during the spring semester and I needed a solution bad. I got my first set of products in July and used them all. I even use the CompleteBurn.

The Essential Vitamin helped me with my joints for better flexibility and helped clear marks on my skin. The CompleteBurn helped me do some cool moves with its relentless supply of energy. The MRP is the BOMB if you know how to use it. The chocolate is my favorite because it’s more forgiving than a chocolate candy bar; you don't have to worry about a pimple on the forehead.

When my first can of MRP was done in August, I felt like I was turned inside out. I was even more agile, more flexible, and more open to the world around me than ever before. I feel very excited to be alive.
- Jonathan Browne, Brooklyn, New York - US
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