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Changing A Non-Believer
Being “healthy” has always been a relative term in my life. My single father, his two brothers and my grandfather raised me. These men were responsible for teaching me as a young girl how to be healthy. In my small town of only 12,000 people there isn’t too much education on what is truly good for us. Raising two children at the age of 24, my father had little time to cook meals let alone have dinner together as a family. I quickly became a very chubby, self-conscious little girl. I vividly remember one time my uncle patted my big belly and asked if I had swallowed our basketball.

After years of hating every inch of my body I started becoming more active outside rather than sitting at the computer or television. Through junior high and high school I transformed into a thin, athletic outgoing student and was the happiest I had ever been! Although I was “in shape” my diet was still absolutely horrible! I would keep doughnuts and candy bars in my locker to eat between classes. I was always SO hungry all day I could never wait until lunch.

As I started college I started drinking a lot of beer and eating much more fast food. In 3 years I went from 135lbs to 180lbs. I became very lethargic and would skip class to sleep, take naps in class, on a bench, in the hallway, anywhere! I attempted to work out but I would quit halfway because my body hurt too badly.

When I heard about YOR Health products I believed that I would never be able to lose weight because I was not active in sports anymore. My weight was 155lbs and size 10 in May 2008. I started with just the MRP, Complete Burn and Essential Vitamin. Initially I lost about 20lbs the first three months of using them. I hit my single digit pants size goal in August ‘08 and my new goal was with adding the new products, (Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Repair and Super Greens), to fit a size 6 by Christmas 2008. I bought size 4 pants the week of Christmas ‘08 and haven’t had to take naps since May! I am dumbfounded how education and nutrition can completely change my belief in myself. My next goal is to place top 3 in YOR Best Body Contest
- Jessica Haar, Cincinnati, OH - US
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