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Finally...I Believe!
YOR Health is everything! 15 yrs ago when I was 11, my mother suddenly passed from Liver Cancer. My Mom became a statistic; my life an example of a slow and steady problem. I went from a healthy, happy go lucky, energetic, all-star athlete to downright lost and depressed. I lost hope and faith in many things. I didn't know what to believe anymore. I lost my confidence, grew timid, tomboyish and downright plain Jane. I turned to food and ate my problems away. As I slowly began to put on weight, I became ashamed of my big hips and thick legs, so I never wore skirts or tight clothing. I was convinced that sitting with legs crossed lady-like was genetic; I couldn’t do it. Neither popular nor pretty I was either never or last to be asked out to school dances; it crushed my spirits! I felt like the ugly duckling! I didn't exist! I started getting poor grades and lost focus and developed athletically/emotionally induced asthma. I began hating what I saw in pictures so I would always offer to take them to avoid being in them. Still trying to be popular I found ways for people to be my friend. I got involved with student activities and yearbook to be that girl in glasses that you made friends with because I could get you hook-ups or put your picture in the book! I wanted to change, and thankfully, I hung onto the belief that I was supposed to be someone; to achieve great things, to inspire others! I always wanted to be like my mother: outgoing, energetic, beautiful. Her side of the family had the better looking “skinny” genes. My father’s side, more heavy set. I fell into the depiction that I was more like my father with heavy set bones. That became the excuse. It dragged into college where I gained my “freshman 15.” The emotional trauma and pain of wanting to lose weight became nearly impossible because I couldn’t ever work up my heart rate to break a sweat without feeling like I was going to have an asthmatic outbreak. So I just gave up on working out and being healthy.

Thankfully I bumped into YOR and their previous projects and endeavors 7 years ago. Surrounded by positive, success driven, goal oriented and supportive friends, I began dressing in women’s business attire. I started out with button down shirts and black slacks; like the guys. I always separated myself and compared myself to the ladies, and never felt like I fit in, but I promised myself I would work on it. I confess… I love food! Through sheer strict discipline and will power I slowly began to lay off the carbs, and changed my eating habits; cutting out sodas, and not eating late at night. It took me 5 years to cut off 20lbs. and go from size 14 to size 8. I slowly started wearing light makeup and more fitted clothing but majority still shirts and slacks; a cover up of all the excess baggage I didn’t want to show off. My motto was “If you ain’t got it, don’t flaunt it.” I didn’t want to show the rolls.

Being independent and living out on my own with a hectic work schedule and trying to make ends meet, I cut down on what I ate, as well as what I spent. I fell into the misconceived notion that eating healthy was expensive, so I resorted to buying the cheapest brands; food at dollar stores and choosing off of dollar menus. I was cheap on myself and my body, but not on my friends. My friends always wondered how I was able to have money saved up for emergencies and to loan out to others. I burned a lot of money and always spent it on others because I thought my money could buy my friendships, but it always failed. I gained no more friends and I never felt good about myself even though I had lost weight. I got down to a point where no matter what I did I would never lose any more weight, but I still had not achieved my ideal weight and look.

When the YOR Health products launched I was a bit reluctant because I thought I tried all that I could, but I really wanted to believe, so I started learning and immersing myself more into studying about health, nutrition, vitamins, calories and foods. I started finding foods that were healthy yet inexpensive, but I also stopped being dirt cheap. I found a happy medium realizing I’ve only got one body and one life to live! On May 15, 2008 I started taking YOR MRP, mixing it up with water and taking the CompleteBurn to start off my day! I felt more energized and it gave me the motivation and drive to workout. At first I didn’t try to over exert myself, still hesitant and fearful of my asthma. But slowly I saw how I felt less emotional during my workout which allowed me to extend my workout. I got excited when I saw that in just a month I managed to shave off 5lbs, and keep it off despite cheating here and there and eating “regular healthy meals”; not off the dollar menu. I felt like I could be slim, healthy, and LIVE at the same time! I got even more enthusiastic when I finally saw numbers in my weight I hadn’t seen in over 15 years! Now it has been 2 ½ months and I have managed to lose 13lbs and I’m down from a size 8 to 2. I replace one or two meals a day with the MRP’s I take my 3 CompleteBurns a day (1 every 4 hours). If I’m feeling hungry I’ll either take a MRP or snack on healthy fruits and vegetables.

Day by day I am looking and feeling better and my friends notice it! I used to hang by a thread of emotional ups and downs trying to motivate and uplift myself with songs and words of BELIEVE! WINNER! CHANGE! VISION! Now today you might find me in the subways and streets of New York running, dancing, skipping, and smiling. Health is truly a lifestyle and through YOR I have found my way back to myself and a happy life with little thought! It’s true I think more of what I’m going to wear rather than what I’m going to eat and the toll it will take in my pockets! I believe in YOR! I Believe in YUE! Much Success in achieving your goals! Thanks to the entire YOR product line and my friends for all your love and support!
- Iris Chau, Brooklyn, NY - US
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The above individual’s results may not be typical. As of January 2024, those who completed 8 weeks in the weight loss category of YOR Best Body lost an average of 13.97 lb (6.33 kg), or 1.74 lb (0.79 kg) per week. When replacing 2 out of 5 mini-meals per day with a meal replacement shake, the average person should expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. As with any reduced-calorie diet, the amount of weight you'll lose will depend on the number of calories you consume in proportion to your weight. Optimal results are achieved when following the product regimen in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Individual results may vary. Factors that may affect your results include (but are not limited to) your metabolism, exercise routine, diet, smoking, pregnancy, current medications and any medical conditions. As with any health or fitness program, regular exercise and a sensible eating plan are essential to achieve long-term weight loss results. No customer was paid for a testimonial.