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Go Green!
Honestly, when the Super Greens first came out, I was not too enthusiastic about it. I was the type of person to never eat any vegetables or any color or forms of greens in my food. I had a strong dislike for the taste and the sight of it. But everything else, sure pile it up on my plate please. I knew I needed it for the fiber and antioxidants and such, but if I did not like the taste of it, it would not be in my mouth.

At first when I started taking the SuperGreens, I took it with water. Now those who have at least some vegetable with every meal might not think that it tastes bad. For me, I thought it was the most horrible drink I ever had. Then I tried it with juice instead of water – MUCH, MUCH better. It tasted great and I get the same antioxidants of 24 servings of fruits and vegetables THAT I DID NOT HAVE TO EAT! Anyway, have you seen the prices of the fruits and vegetables nowadays due to constant rising inflation?

One day I ran out of juice, as it became a routine now to drink the SuperGreens with the rest of the YOR Health supplements, I decided to take it with water instead. TO MY SURPRISE, it did not taste as horrid as when I first had it with water. It actually tasted like juice! I realized all this time after taking it, my taste buds must have grown used to and love the taste of YOR SuperGreens now. I also noticed that I am able to go to the bathroom regularly now, whereas I used to go maybe once a day or every other day. I was informed if you do not excrete at least 2-3x/day, you are considered constipated.

So thank goodness for the SuperGreens, I do not have to actually eat the vegetables in order to get its nutritional value but I can also get it naturally from the SuperGreens. I saved money too, which comes in handy at times like this. Thank you YOR Health! I know I am taking preventive measures for better health.
- Helen Jiang, Palisades Park, New Jersey - US
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