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BODY BY YOR, 38 pounds down and now ready to put back lean muscle
I always wanted to look good to fulfill my passion for fashion, but I ended up learning that it’s not about the fabric or the cut in the style, not even the popular brands, but where it sits on…my body.

Looking at Men's magazines for the past 4 years has created a new standard for me, including that I have to look presentable for my business. But, before improving on my health and body with these products I had a hard time because of the bad eating habits I created; or should I say the Dominican tradition of having heavy seasoning on all our dishes, that are high on fat. Things like the typical rice and beans with meat, junk foods like"frituras" and "chimichuris", not to forget my favorite "pica pollos" were the cause of my over weight life since I was a child. My family made it seem like it was in our blood to have extra weight; from my grandparents to my younger cousins, everyone was fat. It didn't really bother me as a child. It all started down when I moved to the United States and went to high school in the lunch room; when the girl I had a crush on said I was fat. I remember not eating for two days. I didn't have any knowledge of what I needed to do. All I could think of was that I got it from my family and I felt that there was nothing I could do, lowering my self esteem.

Then baseball season came and the coach told us to hit the weight room with the football players to gain strength for the upcoming season. I was so happy with how my body reacted to the workout. I felt like I had found the way to hide my fat, but the reality was that my fat was still there it was just spread out on top of my muscle. From that day on I became what people call a “gym rat”. I felt like if I didn't go to the gym, my fat was going to take over again. I worked out so hard that I got into bodybuilding trials. I used every single product that GNC had to offer, name it, I had it; from powder to 20 pills a day.

Being 220 lbs, I was a monster, but again it was not what I wanted. I wanted to lose weight not gain. Finally, with new responsibilities I didn’t have enough time for the gym; I was focusing more on the business. So I stopped going, making my body mass drop. Oh boy, I was even more worried at that point so I went back for a month; only doing cardio. I went down to 203 lbs, but no more from there.

April came and everybody was talking about how we are changing the industry, we are doing health; I was so excited. When the products arrived it was like Christmas, but I came back to that feeling of having this weight problem from my family. I just started taking down my MRP with the CompleteBurn and holy cow, I lost 8 pounds my first week. By the end of July I had lost 18 pounds and with the EssentialVitamin I was able to get that energy I always wanted and ended up losing 38 pounds. I use all the YOR Health products. The Enzymes are amazing; I’m having 2 to 3 visits to the restroom a day with the Digestives Enzymes. The Probiotics helped to keep me from being sick in this cold weather, and my favorite now, because I’m starting to hit the gym hard for the Best Body Contest, is YOR Repair. The funny thing is that I can make money as I’m doing this!! Are you going to change YOR Health?
- Edwin Cuevas De Escalante, Fort Lee, NJ - US
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