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Repaired What A Car Damaged
On the night of January 13th of this year, I experienced something I never have before. While riding my bicycle to work I was hit by a car while crossing an intersection. Everything happened so fast. The light changed while I was crossing the street. Most cars saw me and acted accordingly, but this one didn’t. I saw that I would hit the jeep head on if I continued the way I was riding, so I turned to be parallel with the jeep to avoid a collision. The slippery pavement caused me to slide and ram my side into the jeep. Because the vehicle didn’t stop initially, when I bounced back from hitting the jeep, I landed on the ground this time. I landed on my arm, and my head followed. I did my best to get off the ground and out of the middle of the street to avoid much greater danger. At the time I didn’t feel bad. Although I never felt it before, it didn’t feel like I just got hit by a car and fell in the street. It felt like a regular slip and fall. I didn’t black out, didn’t feel any dizziness and didn’t feel like anything was broken. Trust me, I was asked hundreds of times after the incident if I was ok, and every time I was asked I said I was; I felt ok. I didn’t feel like I was in bad enough condition to go to the hospital so I turned down every opportunity to do so. Talking to my father about it while he picked me up and gave me a ride home, he told me that there are cases when people don’t feel any pain until later that night, or the next day, or even years later. That turned out to be the case for me.

As the night winded down I started to feel the effects of the accident more and more. I was beginning to experience off and on headaches. They became severe when I provoked them by doing things like talking on the phone or listening to my MP3 player. Everything sounded 10x louder to me. I also started to feel throbbing in my left arm (the arm I fell on). I had a hard time falling asleep that night because of the headaches. I remember trying to help myself fall asleep by listening to soft music on my Zune MP3 player. I had to turn the volume down to the lowest level from mute and STILL it was too loud to me, and all it did was make my headaches worse. That was more than enough reason for me to decide to go to the hospital the next morning. I was able to fall asleep that night, but wasn’t able to get a full night’s worth because the headaches and pain in my arm caused me to wake up quite a few times that night. The doctor told me I was very lucky I didn’t have anything worse. I was suffering from strained muscles in my left arm and swelling from bruises in my arm and head. Honestly, I felt like I had something worse than what they told me. At least it felt that way.

I was prescribed pain killers to take, to help me with the headaches and aches in my arm. From being such a big wrestling fan and all the research I’ve done on the sport, I know enough to stay away from pain killers. I refused to take them, because I know that I have something better at home, something with no side effects. The afternoon after the accident was when I started to take YOR Repair for my pain and injuries suffered from the accident. I took six capsules that Wednesday afternoon and six more before I went to bed. That night was the first night I got a full night’s worth of sleep since the accident. The next day I was excited to spread the word that I was going through the day headache free, and if provoked, the pains would be minimal and manageable. By Saturday I was feeling great! Everything was back to normal. I was 100% free of the aches and pains that plagued me for what felt like forever! Get in a car accident and be 100% free of pain in less than 5 days? That’s unheard of….until now. Thank you YOR Health!
- David Holloway, Hamden, CT - US
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