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Enzymes, Enzymes, and More Enzymes!
Hi! My name is Carolina Soto, I’m 30 years old and I’ve had pain in my joints for almost 6 years. I didn’t like the traditional solutions available because I felt I was intoxicating my body and nothing was going to get better. I started looking for natural options. I became vegan and realized how I got much better very soon. I learned that my body didn’t process proteins and fats well and eliminating them from my diet made me feel much better. For me, this was amazing. I always thought my body should process whatever I decided to eat. I was not aware of the immediate effect that food can have on my health.

The pain was inactive for almost 3 years due to a very restrictive diet, but unfortunately 3 years ago, I started to have joint pain again. I kept changing my diet, but my body was more selective every day. It got to a point where I couldn’t eat any kind of protein because it made me very sick. In fact, fruits and vegetables were pretty much the only things that my body accepted at that time. As a Dr. told me once “you are right, your body doesn’t process proteins but if you don’t eat protein your body will take it from the joints and you will experience joint destruction too”.

At that time, I didn’t know what else I could do. I was experiencing so much pain; I couldn’t exercise for 2 days in a row, in fact there were many days when just walking around my apartment was a lot for me. Good luck for me, at that time I learned about YOR MRP. I started taking 1 or 2 MRPs per day and I felt much, much better. The enzymes in the MRP helped my body process the nutrients and my body was finally getting some protein.

When the Digestive Enzymes came out, I started taking them right away too. I take the enzymes with every meal and the results are amazing. I’ve been able to eat a balanced diet without experiencing any pain. I’ve been able to work out consistently for weeks and my body is now returning to his natural healthy state. This seems amazing because I couldn’t live without them. I just can say: Thanks YOR Health for these amazing enzyme based products!
- Carolina Soto, Irvine, CA - US
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