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My Skin Is Clear!!
All throughout my teenage years, the biggest insecurity I had, besides my weight or physique, was my skin. I was lucky enough to go through puberty without having acne on my face, but I still had trouble with breakouts on my shoulders and back. I always felt like my skin was really oily and that any time I would apply sun-tan lotion in the summer or sweat while I was wearing a tight t-shirt, I was bound to break out in some way. I would get really deep, red and painful blemishes, sometimes lasting over a week in one spot that made me uncomfortable even wearing just a shirt.

Being in a touring band in high school forced me to be in environments and situations that were less than optimally hygienic: sometimes unable to shower for a day or so at a time, playing festivals in the desert with little to no break from the heat, eating and drinking whatever was free. I would also break out in heat rashes which added to the condition and red appearance of my skin. I blamed it all on things that I thought were out of my control. I remember being so thankful whenever we stumbled upon a swimming pool at night, instead of during the day when the condition of my skin would be much easier to see.

The problems also continued into the winter when my skin would get really dry. I eventually saw a dermatologist that prescribed me several ointments, but nothing ever permanently helped. Soon thereafter I chose to eat a strictly vegetarian diet for unrelated reasons, but was always surrounded by other vegetarians who swore the moment they cut out meat from their diet, their skin cleared up, but that never happened for me.

Finally, I was introduced to YOR Essential Vitamin, which I used immediately based on the sheer amount of daily percentages of each vitamin I found to be in one serving. Within one month, I could tell a noticeable difference in the length of time a breakout occurred. Even small pimples that would pop up here and there on my face would only last a day or two before they disappeared completely, which, to me, was a miracle. Ever since I’ve been using the YOR Essential Vitamin, I’ve never taken less than 3 at a time and never skipped a day.

I never realized until now how little vitamins and minerals my body was getting in the past as a result of my poor diet, lackadaisical supplement habits and how much my body truly needed to replenish my cells and give me the healthy complexion I’ve always wanted. The YOR Essential Vitamin has proven to me that a healthy consumption of vitamins and, furthermore, digestion of the vitamins on a daily basis are crucial to the outside of our bodies, just as much as on the inside.
- Benjamin Howard, Cincinnati, Ohio - US
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