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No More Late Night Bad Eating Habits
My experience with YORHEALTH has been unlike any other. Thanks to the MRP and the CompleteBurn, I’ve been able to control my late night snacking. Ever since I could remember I have struggled with my weight. I tried everything and nothing has been able to control my late night cravings, which is the reason I gained weight in the first place.

I remember at 4 yrs old I would sneak to the fridge while everyone else was sleeping to get a bite of salami and cheese and I remember my parents seeing my little tooth marks on the salami and the cheese. At that time they would joke about it, but I guess they didn’t know what type of bad habits it would lead to.

I come from a Dominican background, and my parents were pretty strict when it came to food; they didn’t want it to go to waste. If I was to throw a way my food I would get a sermon on how they worked so hard to put food on the table and every last grain of rice better be off the plate. They always told me I should be thankful because there are people out there that could not afford to have food on the table. There would be times when I would end up eating my father’s and my brothers left overs, especially when we would eat out.

I found myself going from a pretty healthy little girl to an overweight round little girl that on top of that was tall too. I found myself feeling indifferent, incompetent, and felt like I never fit in. Everywhere I went I felt like I had to prove myself because I was the tall fat girl with the pretty face. But, I never felt like I belonged anywhere and that made me turn to food even more. As I got older, I started going to the gym, but could never quite get the weight off for good. I’ll go to the gym, develop good habits, loose weight, but put it right back on again. I became labeled as a yoyo dieter.

I remember as soon I was able to get a job I ended up spending my whole check on my appearance. I would buy jeans and shirts that would cover my gut and all the clothes that could help me hide the weight, because I wanted to feel good, I wanted to fit in. I actually did get away with it for a short while. I would always get compliments on my attire and my new shoes or sneakers, but I didn’t really attract the guys like my friends did.

I started comparing myself to all my friends and it ruined my self-confidence. I remember I would always tell myself, “you are pretty, you’re the best, you’re the bomb,” but when I had to face myself in the mirror I would see all the fat. I was labeled as the “girl with the pretty face” because I was always overweight. Everyone would always tell me “man if you loose weight you’ll be so pretty, you’ll look like a model” but it’s easier said than done.

When the new health products launched I didn’t know what to expect because I was never the type to take pills and drink shakes. I never saw myself being able to keep up and being disciplined enough to follow that kind of a regimen, but I was able to work into it. I had my MRP in the morning for breakfast, had my regular lunch along with 2-3 CompleteBurn and my Digestive Enzymes, have a SuperGreens as a snack (I love my SuperGreens, it helps me feel refreshed), and then I have an MRP when I leave work, and sometimes I’ll grab a bite with some friends.

The first week I took the products I lost 5 pound and I was super excited because that never happened that quickly to me before. I gave it a shot and I’m not the type that lost 20 pounds in a month, but I did notice that as the weeks and month went by I no longer went looking for my plate of food on the table, I just drank water and went straight to bed. It didn’t really hit me that I stopped my late night cravings, but I noticed that for the past 4-5 months, I went without looking in the fridge to eat at night. In fact these products helped me to the point that I’ll just save my plate of food for work the next day and eat it for lunch around 1-2pm. Now I find my self getting compliments from all my co- workers; they see all the weight shedding noticeably.

I’m happy that I have been able to stick to my products and order them every month because I know nothing happens over night. I have been able to lose 15 pounds on the products and still going. Right now I’m being time tested and so far I don’t see this as a yoyo diet, I see this as a lifestyle because I see it has been able to help me keep off the weight I have lost.
- Arline Taveras, Bronx, NY - US
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