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Britany Dominguez

Britany Dominguez 100 Pound Club
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My Testimonial
My whole life, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been overweight and have struggled with my self-image and confidence. No matter what the situation would be, I always found a way for my weight and how I looked at myself to hinder me from being the best I could be. I remember the one thing I would always say to myself and my Mother was “If I was skinny, I would be happy and not have any other problems in the world. I would be confident so I could then grow up and get a good job and make good money. I would be able to make and keep friends and find a good husband, so I would never be lonely.”

I would base literally everything around my weight. Imagine being younger and just totally consumed with negative and demeaning thoughts of yourself. Throughout school, I would constantly compare myself to others and how my style was different from theirs because it was never what was “in”, simply because I couldn’t fit into the clothes someone of my age typically would. Seeing them go to the football games and always having plans on the weekends and finding myself not being included and stuck at home all the time. Seeing the interaction they had in class with the teachers and other students because they were confident and could be outspoken, and me sitting in the back being lonely and feeling like no one even knew I was there. School for me was just a reminder of how much I hated the way I looked. I tried so many things in an effort to lose weight, but was never successful. I had a huge problem with confiding in food and eating when I felt most depressed, which in itself, only made the problem worse.

Once I reached high school and other schools within the city merged to one building, I was able to meet other people. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a very good thing as I ended up meeting the wrong crowd and getting involved in the wrong things. During this time, my Mother also became extremely ill and I was left to live with my grandparents for almost three years. Throughout the three years I lived with them, my grandmother passed away, leaving me to live with my grandfather who was very strict and set in his ways. I started to rebel and eventually I let partying and alcohol get the best of me. With that, I became even more overweight, unhealthy, and self-conscious about my body. However, much to my surprise, I ended up dating a guy that had been a friend for the longest time. Things became serious and I eventually settled down with him and was able to retract from the horrible path I was headed down. It wasn’t until three years into our relationship that I became pregnant and life had arranged for the next big chapter.

During my pregnancy, I ended up gaining a little over 100 pounds. It’s safe to say, I totally went overboard and let the stress and emotions of being pregnant get to me. Once I had my son, age 21, I weighed a total of 396 pounds, basically 400 pounds. It wasn’t until after being completely winded from having to bend over and change my son’s diaper in public that I realized the damage I had done and that I really had to get this weight off. I knew I wasn’t going to be any good of a Mother to him not being able to keep up and do things with him, or even worse, being dead. I knew I had to do something, for my son.

I finally started my quest to lose weight. I had seen posts on Facebook of a guy that I basically grew up with and how he managed to lose a bunch of weight by taking these supplements from a company called YOR Health. I wasn’t necessarily best friends with this guy, but had known him since we were just little kids. It took me a lot to approach him, but I did and was able to find out more about YOR Health and their products. It amazed me how much he had changed. He was almost like a new person. I knew seeing him and his transformation that these products must be the real deal, so I made the decision to devote my entire tax return to products and getting healthier. BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!

March of 2012, I started using just the CompleteBurn and the MRP. Within the first month, I lost 16 pounds and started to feel great. I noticed a huge difference in my attitude, my energy levels, everything. My body just felt like it was undergoing this massive cleansing process. I could literally feel myself getting healthier. From there, I started using the Digest Ultra, Probiotics, and Fiber, along with the CompleteBurn and MRP. YOR Health made it easy to lose weight and kept me focused and determined to keep losing. My workouts became more intense as I started lifting heavier and getting involved in other activities such as boot camp, and cross fit. YOR Health provided an avenue for a healthier lifestyle and allowed me to step outside my comfort zone so that I could try new things. I’m happy to say that I now weigh 210 pounds and am currently bench pressing 185 pounds. I plan on getting down to 180 pounds and benching 200!!!

Altogether, I’ve lost a total of 107 pounds with YOR Health. YOR Health helped me to create a new life for my son and I. I now have that extreme gym rat mentality and couldn’t be happier. I can play with my son and be just as active as he is. I know that I still have a long way to go and look forward to losing more and becoming stronger. Like every human, I have my days and still face many obstacles, but I’ll never give up! I couldn’t have done it without YOR Health being there to give me the hope and motivation and the willpower to stick to something and overcome what has truly been a lifelong obstacle for me. Now that I’ve accomplished and stuck through this huge change in my life, I feel like I can do anything. So many people look up to me and think so highly of me for what I’ve been able to accomplish, and just that itself is a great reward. Thank you SO MUCH for saving and changing my life YOR Health.
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