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Jacobs lands another TKO on his way to World Champion Title!

Danny Jacobs
Contender Danny Jacobs-in the Winners Circle, Again!
YOR Health Athletic Advisor and middle weight contender, Danny Jacobs, launched the first fight in the Garcia-Herrera event in Puerto Rico, in a bout against Milton Nunez. With two powerhouse left hooks and one to-the-temple right, the Golden Child dropped his opponent to the mat three times in the first round. Although the TKO rule was not in effect, this spectacular performance earned Jacobs a first-round stoppage victory from the referee, another outstanding win that brought his career record to 27-1-0 (24 KOs).

After his courageous recovery from a form of cancer that caused leg paralysis, Danny Jacobs is now stronger than ever, with 5 wins and 0 defeats since he stepped back into the ring. Facing off against other rising stars in the boxing world, Danny enthusiastically pursues his dream of winning a World Championship in the near future.

Outside the ring, Danny's goal is to become a successful business person and health mentor. That’s why he takes superior nutrition products, from YOR Health.

"When I first started on YOR Health products, they affected me immediately,” Danny says. “They gave me more energy, I lost weight and was more cut up. As I saw my body being repaired, I advanced to a whole other level in boxing."

Everyone at YOR Health is in Danny’s corner, cheering him on as he continues to pursue his dream of World Championship glory! Watch this clip of the TKO that wins Danny Jacobs his title!

Watch Danny Jacobs' impressive first round TKO!