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"Geronimo" Triumphs Again!

Jerome Le Banner
Jerome Le Banner Wins Night of Champions 2013 Third Year in a Row!
Jerome Le Banner, known to kickboxing, muay thai and boxing fans worldwide as "Geronimo" and the Man with the Golden Left, soundly defeated Zinedine Hameur Lain at the 20th Night of Champions on November 23rd 2013, at the Palais des Sports de Marseille. In round two of the match, Le Banner’s fierce punches and kicks brought his opponent to the mat. Le Banner, after helping Hameur Lain back to his feet, was awarded the Championship belt to thunderous applause from an adoring audience.

"YOR Health products kept me fit enough to win the 2013 Glory 8 Tokyo Heavyweight Tournament," Le Banner said. "They have also helped me come back from career halting injuries. This is one reason that I’m now on the YOR Health Athletic Advisory Board."

Over 40 years old and a seasoned fighter from the age of six, Jerome Le Banner is now preparing for the battle of his life at the Glory 13 Heavyweight Tournament, in Tokyo at Ariake Coliseum. Here he will face off against fabled Russian Sergei Kharitonov on December 21st 2013.

Congratulations, "Geronimo," on your recent win, and best wishes for a future triumph in Tokyo, from everyone at YOR Health!

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